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The Power of Cord Cutting

the power of cord cutting sitting at a cafe in paris with danielle dove

The power of cord cutting illustrated by me and you over french baguette and cheese sitting outside a cafe in Paris.

C’est bon?

You: How are you living here all by yourself in France with you son? Is it exciting…and exhausting I bet?

Me: Bahaha, good guess! Exciting + Exhausting…. Trying to do it all perfectly, mothering, working, living, even relaxing…

You: I am feeling exhausted myself with the commotions of the holiday season, family, decision making, it’s as though I am burn out with every little hat I try to wear.

Me: All those hats we wear… I had a moment of complete clarity this morning in my bath as Hayden jumped up and own my legs, splashing water every where…

You: Tell me…

Me: What if it’s not the sum of all the tasks that equals burn out but the intention one has in doing them?

You: hummm..

Me (with a mouth full of heavily creamed french cheese…) It’s the need to control his every move, and mine and how things manifest in my business that drives me into burn out. What if I just backed it up a bit and just let things be?

You (sitting back to catch the last ray of light on your face, closing your eyes, taking it in): Doing it without tension, doing it with love and consistency but doing it without wanting to control. Interesting. Possible?

Me: I saw all of my tension go into the water and down the drain, I let go of my cord, I handed the whole situation up to my Shining Star.

You: Shining Star?

Me: Yes, it’s what I call God these days, or Spirit, or Universe, or Really-Awesome-Kind-Loving-Generous-Higher-Power.

You: Is that how you cut a cord, you just hand the whole thing over?

Me:  Definitely. But before cutting a cord, I first had to acknowledge there was fear there. When we create a cord of attachment to anyone or any project or any outcome it is always out of a fear, a self-centered fear, we wont be ok without that thing, or person at the other end of it. You really can’t cut a cord unless you first acknowledge the fear.

You: Maybe I could do the same with all of my relationships. Would that help me have more energy?

Me: Definitely! Every night I do it. Or even after hanging up the phone, just give them their energy back, take yours back and see that you are both connected by the most important cord there is: the one between you and your shining star.

You: I like that! So I just need to see it then? It just happens?

Me: See it, feel it, know it is done. What you see with your imagination has an effect on your whole vibration.

You: Let’s go for a walk, I want to hear more and take in Paris with you. Me: Bonne idee! (good idea).

We stroll down la Seine and watch the people passing by. Some are Parisians enjoying the last warm autumn days before winter, others are tourists with their children enjoying a fall holiday. It is so beautiful here.

You: Can you tell me, with all these people, are we creating cords with each of them?

Me: No, not unless you care about them and there’s an attachment, a sort of fear you won’t be ok without their energy in your life.

You: Is that why sometimes I feel tired after talking on the phone with someone I care about? Because I am worried for them?

Me: Yes, absolutely. You may have been trying to give them a ride up to a more positive place but you didn’t have enough momentum to do it so they ended up draining you of the little bit you had left.

You: Ugh it is so hard, isn’t it?

Me: What? Helping people you love?  Yes remember my moment in the bathtub, it is not so much the sum of all the tasks at hand that is draining, but the intention behind them.

You: So i need to cut my cords of fear and attachments then, let it all go?

Me: Yes, let go of your fear about your friend, let go of thinking negative thoughts, hand it over. Here ya’go is about just surrendering, like my sweet innocent Hayden when he just hands me something so easily without the least bit of attachment. He just gives the object and then goes off to find something else that interests him. That’s faith. That’s knowing he is still loved and the world still goes on even if he no longer has a firm grip on the thing he wanted or found interesting. He trusts in life just giving him other things to explore and play with. You: Right, that’s why those kiddos have so much energy! They aren’t the least bit attached!

Me: ..or wrapped in a bunch of cords with everyone they meet.

You: Tell me aren’t there times when it’s ok to have a cord to someone? Or a project you care about?

Me: The cords of love are always there and are a beautiful stream of energy exchange. Those cannot be cut. Or released. They are already pure and authentic. For example have you ever spoken to a friend and after your conversation you felt really uplifted and positive?

You: Yes of course. I love it when that happens!

Me: Right and did your friend seem drained after your conversation? Did she say anything?

You: No, she seemed rather fine, in fact it happened yesterday. I was feeling so tired and talking to her and listening to what she had to say felt really uplifting.

Me: Then she sent you love. She was probably filled up with enough positive momentum to give you a lift to your next positive vibration. And you felt better right?

You: Yes!

Me: …and she didn’t feel drained?

You: No! I don’t think so…

Me: Ask her to make sure next time if she felt fine after your conversation. If so, it means two things: one you didn’t create a cord of fear to her, and why would you since she was giving you genuine love and attention, and two she had enough positive momentum and could share some of it with you. Her source of energy is infinite and she’s might have found a way to tap into it.

You: Wow, that definitely sounds true for her. She’s been connecting her belly button to divine source and letting it feed her.

Me: Hahah yes that sounds great! And that’s how you can play friendly with energies. Don’t attach cords of fear or attachment to others, let them come to you and uplift you, work on your cords and in letting go of the fear behind it and when you to find that great source of infinite energy and let it feed you, you can help someone you love up to their next place of positive vibration.

Here we are at your hotel. I drop you off with a warm heart to heart hug filled with gratitude for your time, this walk and our friendship. It’s good to know a friend like you exists in this beautiful world.

With love,

Danielle. Ps: Enjoyed reading about cord cutting and exchanging energies? Tomorrow Thursday 11/21 at 7AM PST / 10AM EST I am offering a free webinar to shine your biz online. You’ll learn tools to cut cords around your business, heal emotions and fears and release it all to your shining team of heavenly helpers. Sign up here: It’s free and a great way to begin your day.

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