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Your business baby awaits but it can't launch when you are caught up in overthinking and over wanting everything to be just perfect. Start with letting go and letting God/Spirit/Universe come back into your heart, into your every day to do list so you can take guided action from a much higher vibe. 

You'll see some meditations are from Alixe and others from Danielle Dove (a spiritual name I used for 7 years as a spiritual channel). 

It's much easier to 'people detox' and raise your vibe from a long day if you have one spot you go to for prayer and meditation. 

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High Vibe Babe

Your 5 day high vibe babe bootcamp

Listen on the go!


step 1: create a free account at pCloud

step 2: download their app pCloud.

step 3: listen to your MP3s via the app on the go!  

Optional and recommended: download all MP3s to your computer and transfer them to your favorite mp3 player (phone/tablet).

Have them handy in case you need them at 3 am to fall back asleep. 

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Day 1: The Prayerful Pause

The Prayerful Pause - if you love having the divine help you but you forget to ask for help + find using that 'go getter' energy on yourself and your biz doesn't lead to the results you were hoping for.

Comment with your

prayerful pause for today: 

Day 2: Your Aura Brightener

Aura Brightener 12 minutes

Go from feeling Stressed/Anxious to Centered. 


> Practice connecting to the light to receive a healing and a clearing. 

> will help you start your day feeling positive and more intuitive.

> removes stress from your face and energy.

Completed Day 2? 

Awesome let us know by

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Day 3: Manifest More Support

"Manifest More Support"

20-minute energy healing session. 

Women have reported feeling more supported in their business and at home after listening to this clearing. 

Feel free to listen every day for 21 days until you see results. 

Report any small gains or wins for what you focus on multiplies. 

(This is Alixe with her son Hayden in Hawaii with Hayden's dad Daniel).

What did you feel after

listening to this mp3 for day 3?

Let us know >>> 

Day 4: daily energy healing

How should you begin your day (or even end it the night before) so you wake up feeling energized, focused and on purpose? 

Part of the morning routine is to take any weird funky low vibe to a piece of paper on your daily feeling journal and to clear wanting approval, control or safety behind each of the things you wrote down. You'll fee as though you shifted so fast. 

Day 5: Nature Healing

Nature healing for feeling lonely and overworked and wanting control in your business or relationships. 

20 minutes

Congratulations for completing all 5 days!

Now what's next? 

Do you crave even more healing, visibility and possibly even profit?

I'd love to invite you to continue your journey with us - the High Vibe Babe Bootcamp is for six weeks with weekly live calls. Check your email for a special coupon to join us! 

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