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Softening into your True Essense
so you can get the best ideas, 
the most profitable nudges
and launch, aligned. 

We meditate not so we can get anything
we meditate so we can experience
the state of 

having everything 💫

 The Prayerful Pause

You know how when someone asks for your help you love rolling up your sleeves to serve and help them?  Imagine how your angels feel when you ask them for help?  They know they can help you and are so confident times a million. 

The pause and pray is how you send daily and even hourly text messages to your quad of angels to make sure they are rolling up their sleeves for you! 

If you want to help the world, you're going to need a team. Let's have them join you in making this decade the best one yet! 

Aura Brightener 12 minutes with Michael :) 

Aura Brightener Alixe K Tracey.png

Aura Brightener 12 minutes

Have you ever seen these women who are in their 60s but just GLOW and command attention form anyone as they walk into the room?

I call that 'energetic confidence'. 

It's got nothing to do with their age or their looks but everything to do with how well they command energy. 

Wanna try it? In this 12 minute audio, 

> Form a lifelong bond with your protective Archangel Michael who will ensure he clears you and shields you as you journey forward on your mission-centered life.  

> will motivate you to get out of the bed quicker (drink that celery juice and get on that yoga mat!)

> will boost your magnetism by polishing up your beautiful aura (for real, take a before and after selfie!)

Day 3: Manifest More Support


"Manifest More Support"

20-minute energy healing session. 

Women have reported feeling more supported in their business and at home after listening to this clearing. 

Feel free to listen every day for 21 days until you see results. 

Report any small gains or wins for what you focus on multiplies. 

(This is Alixe with her son Hayden in Hawaii with Hayden's dad Daniel).

Day 4: daily energy healing

How should you begin your day (or even end it the night before) so you wake up feeling energized, focused and on purpose? 

Part of the morning routine is to take any weird funky low vibe to a piece of paper on your daily feeling journal and to clear wanting approval, control or safety behind each of the things you wrote down. You'll fee as though you shifted so fast. 

Day 5: Nature Healing

Nature healing for feeling lonely and overworked and wanting control in your business or relationships. 

20 minutes

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Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings Fridays  (2)
Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings Fridays  (2)
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