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I can't believe this just happened! LOL
Long story short...

I was walking my high vibe babes through an exercise around the root chakra to release disapproval of something in our lives.

Energetically when we disapprove of someone/something it gives it even more 'thought power' to stay and to continue to be that way.

So we each chose something to release disapproval on and to shift into giving ourselves permission to have something better come in.

I did it on my garden.

I released disapproving of how unkept it's been lately and shifted into giving it mucho approval.

I guided us all through an exercise to see/feel/love that it's already done. I have it already - the garden is done!

Or the situation has improved and to shift into calling that in instead...

And within minutes, my friend who is a landscape artist but never felt motivated to help me with my garden in 2 years of knowing him, comes over (while I'm still on the call) and starts reorganizing my garden and trimming things here and there.


He is still at it 45 minutes later with his tools trimming, fixing and planning to plant a beautiful garden.


  • stop complaining, whining, lacking it's not here yet.

  • let go of disapproving of it (we did it with a huge vacuum and called on archangel Michael) and instead we shifted back to love, seeing, writing, speaking and feeling.

  • there!

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We have a challenge for the weekend and we are checking in on Monday.


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