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Want to shift out of fear quickly?

Hey there beautiful light!

I've got a fun FB Live I did just as people were being told they needed to stay indoors, and the women on the call with me went from a 9/10 in fear/anxiety down to a 1... wanna try it with us? I hate feeling anxious. It feels like sand paper scratching my heart so I quickly have to go in and find the reason for it and change the dialogue or the looping thought.

Here's the trick I use with my clients and it works wonders.

I made this exercise as direct and as easy as possible. If you can find 30-60 minutes to reconnect to yourself it can mean more energy, focus, and productivity for you (I understand it's not always possible for mamas with kiddos at home but you can listen to this in the background - there are so many ways to get them to focus on an activity and to focus back on you during that time).

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