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The Prayerful Pause for your best decade yet!

Updated: Jan 31

Imagine if for the next decade of your life, you deeply decided,

on such a visceral level,

that this decade is the best one yet!

What do you feel?

What could happen?

The woman living her best decade yet, I bet, is doing this spiritual practice

when she wakes up

before meals

when she's unsure

and when she's caught up in the trying to figure it out loop

That woman who is feeling lighter, freer, much richer,

is definitely doing the prayerful pause.

The voice in your head who loves to convince you 'that you don't have enough time'

is not going to like the pause and pray

but that's exactly why you want to do it.

Pause and admit:

I need help, guys, universe, angels of the light, freaking A Team! Come on!

Let's get my body off the hamster' wheel!

I'm ready for this life to be juicy fun!

I'm ready to have my best decade yet!

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