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Success Stories circa 2010

Updated: Nov 9, 2019


start before you feel ready.

I gave my first meditation class walking around I was so nervous.

I literally had everyone sitting down on pillows but I was pacing! LOL And guess what, it still worked out and 11 years later I'm still guiding meditations (and yes I learned to sit down and channel them now from the same spot).

Now you may feel nervous or excited to get feedback for your workshops.

Always make sure you give people an opportunity to write either during the webinar or right after and if you want to do workshops locally is great useful tool!

When you are starting out it's a very good idea to make sure the people who come to you are able to quickly leave you comments afterward.

I posted below a few of the ones the attendees left after an event scheduled on

It's when I was just starting out in Las Vegas.

Now I didn't intend on having these testimonials. would email them to ask them what they thought of the event they had attended and the best part is it's all automated!

When you're starting out it's a good idea to do things like that on in your area, but there are some rules and magic to these live local events (or even online ones).

Have it be regular as soon as possible.

People love knowing they can come every Friday night after work or every Saturday morning.

Routines help people feel safer and more supported. Plus it builds the like/trust/know factor since they will see you and your event regularly. That's how I build my first clientele locally in Las Vegas and I still to this day am in touch with a large majority of the clients who came to those clients. Incredible right!

Do you feel ready to offer something soon, regularly?

I have tips like these and so much more to give you that could help you have a strong recurring practice as a healer. It's all inside my High Vibe Babe Bootcamp and the Rich Healer Training.

To get in touch with me, send me a private message on messenger at

Now to the amazing success stories:

Danielle Dove is the spiritual name I used from 2009-2016 so a lot of my cds and ebooks are under that name.

“Danielle is a great and gentle guide, taking us on a journey, moving at a slow and even pace, introducing us to archetypal beings… very healing and invigorating. The warm discussion afterward shows that something truly special was happening. ” — T.M.

“The first time I have been to a channeled meditation. Danielle was awesome. Look forward to getting a private session.” –W.

“ Quite profound actually. I’m still processing the massive amount of information that I received during the meditation. I look forward to attending this and other events very soon.” –R.S.

“ This meditation was such a blessing. Danielle is wonderfully intuitive. I am so glad to have met Danielle. I highly recommend her sessions as she has a wonderful presence and talent. ” –K.D.

“ Danielle is absolutely awesome in her meditations. I was able to meditate and visualize during her channeling. This was my first experience with the Goddess meditation and I have not had very much exposure to them.” –C.S.

“ The atmosphere was angelic. Meditation is important and I want to get back into it so I can communicate with the higher beings as well as with my higher self.. ” — Jeff

“ Danielle was very patient, friendly and genuine. I felt very comfortable with her teachings. I want to keep coming to this class and explore others. ” — Liana

“ I usually have a hard time meditating and seeing, yet every session with Danielle I have experienced healing. ” — Wendy.

“ It was a joyful experience, which I hope to do again. Thanks, Danielle. ” — Mary

“ I don’t remember much of my meditation, I’m still processing it and seeing only flashes. Danielle truly has a gift and I look forward to more experiences with her. Thank you for your help on my path! Love, light and joy to you. ” — Rachel

“ I thought Danielle did a very good job of facilitating the meditation. Additionally, she made the group feel comfortable and it was a tranquil environment. Nice job. ” — C.W.

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