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Sacred Messages of Depression: How to regain yourself one feeling at a time

danielle dove could knowing yourself better help with depression

I heard it from the universe:

“Lack of Self Knowledge may lead to depression… And lack of taking action on that self-knowledge may also lead to depression.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it ?

To see if the message would resonate with more than just me, I put out the question to many of you on Facebook.

And I got an unanimously YES: so much of your stories around depression was linked to loosing yourself in other’s requests of you, wanting their approval, changing to fit their idea of perfect, forgetting what was important to you.

As though countless thumbprints on you beautiful essence was masking the real you even from you.

The biggest thumbprint manufacturer are all of those ads on TV and in magazines. Yes even those billboards.

It’s also your peers, your parents and grandparents.

Let’s remove the thumbprints together and discover what’s really behind them, and move hand in hand, together in the direction of your highest calling.

If the video is missing from this post, watch it here.

Did you like the video?

Then please share it with your friends and when you feel ready, go on in to meditate with me.

Part 2 The Meditation that’s helped me with depression:

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