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End the Worry Fest Baby

Hi beautiful, If worrying drains your energy, then I've got a 20-minute gift for you to take on your drive home or during your morning 'wake up' routine.

Here's the 20 minute clearing to stop the worry fest baby!

Every morning, you are a lottery winner. You literally have access to a very large amount of creative force and energy to create your day, your week, your month, even your income, your business, what you feed into your days ahead will create a force field, a momentum, if you use that energy daily, you take your energy (worth millions) and actually create something amazing for you and the people around you.

It can feel productive to worry, but once you listen to the short 20-minute audio I made you by a river yesterday, you'll understand why you are a lottery winner everyday baby.

So thank you for contributing to the survey if you did, I'm so proud of your desire to shift out of worry into confidently creating.

with love and more of what you already are, consciousness, truth, possibilities,

Alixe K.

PS: Six weeks of Self Healing starting the first Saturday of September morning time in PST.

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