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Heartfully Manifested

Hey there Awakening Heart ?

Since it’s the season to believe in magic ✨I have a very special call we recorded last week. It’s for you if you:

  1. Secretly know your heart is meant to be a magical tool for manifesting ideal end results but you aren’t sure how to use it

  2. You want to use the power of your third eye to manifest positive outcomes (like a better relationship, more income, an ideal vacation) but also aren’t sure what that means and you don’t have time to get lost in a course that’s 12 weeks long.

  3. The past year has been incredibly more challenging than you had anticipated and you’re ready for things to be much lighter again.

Here’s the call in MP3 format if you prefer or video below.

When the universe manifests amazingness for us it’s usually because our heart asked for it – in a moment of magic, the world aligned and it happened. It came through. We broke through unseen blocks and finally, we were now in alignment with what we asked for.

Th key is how can we replicate that moment of magic or at least be in its vibration a bit longer a bit more every day, right?

End of Year Special:

I haven’t offered 1:1 session individually in years but I’m feeling guided to do 1:1 Heart Healing Session to help you remove blocks around the heart in 2019. I’m only doing this for 10 people so purchase it soon as it might sell out. Usually, you’d have to buy a 3 months package minimum so this gives you the flexibility of getting the healing work to get to your goals without a huge investment on your part. It’s usually about $250/session but right now you can purchase one for $197.

You can book the session here: call here and once you have your reservation, you’ll receive a link to submit payment.


PS: I recommend you have your eyes closed to listen to the meditation and listen with your heart. Let yourself feel carried through time and space.

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