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Magical Wand Clearing Workshop Preview + Registration Page

magical wand clearing workshop

when things go missing: why it happens

Part 2: The Magical Wand Clearing Workshop is here, as promised (Register below)

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.32.49 PM

In 10 powerful minutes we move through 6 essential steps to:

The Six essential steps

all to serve you in finding something that’s gone missing, stress free, using your innate intuitive abilities.

Magical Wand Clearing Workshop with Danielle Dove

You can access the workshop for only $7.99 with Part 2 available now and Part 3 is also ready!  You’ll also get a few other goodies over the next few weeks for that super low price (Surprise from the angels).

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.23.12 AM

Have you ever watched The Secret and wondered how manifesting with ease truly worked?

Or have you read books by authors who said ‘ writing just came effortlessly to them’ or ‘things just happened’.

Or I love this one: I just got lucky.

Well I’d like to prove to you and thousands of people that luck is something you can actually create through your magical wand: your chakras and clairs.

In Part 3: I break down for you exactly how to blend energetically with what you are calling forward in your life (to find it stress free, without having to look for itm ya know Magically!).

In the process, I talk about the 4 clairs which make up your magical wand and you’ll have a chance to feel which one resonates most with you and activate the ones you haven’t used for a while.

I am guiding you to really open up and use your intuitive gifts because the world needs all of you to show up when you decide to take flight into living your life purpose.

I’d hate for you to leave your spirit space suit behind. Trust it. You’ve had it since you were a tiny baby and it’s that power that helped you kept you alive eating, crawling, walking before you could even muster the words and language.

Why not continue to rely on that same intuitive power that’s help you at the earliest stages of your life?

Plus: How do you sense a yes or a no through your body? (Mucho important when you have to start making decisions quickly for your life, family and life purpose). How does clair-audience work and how do you receive messages from your guides and angels?

Why would it be important to listen to that inner voice?

In more ways than one I guide you through exercises to train before you leap!

You’re invited to register as a Bronze Level member of Happy Soul School, happily called ‘Manifest’ (oh yes magic awaits!)

Monthly membership of only $7.99 gives you access to monthly new content to help you experience any  life shifts consciously with self-awareness.

You’ll receive magical healing to move from moments when you feel 0%intuitive (and emotionally cut off from spirit) to 100% intuitive and happily feeling yourself again and connected to a beautiful source of energy no matter the situations you are confronted with on a monthly (and sometime daily basis).

They did it again!

The lovely angels sneaked this one in on me, yet again! It was not planned to create this membership level so soon. I thought it would be for much later but it seems the nudging from the angelic ream to open up a bit more of the school is quite persistent so I am happily letting go and sharing more of the magic with all of you! Please let me know if the sparkle sticks and you feel changes and shifts brewing within and all around you as you keep visiting us here! 😉 Much appreciated xo.

How to register as a bronze member?

1. Submit payment by clicking on the subscribe button below

2. You should be redirected to the log in page (if you were already a free registered user) or ‘register’ as a brand new member of Happy Soul School.

You’ll automatically have access to all the Happy Soul’s Bronze Membership Level content each month! (For a limited time only as you never know with the furry of magic inside, anything can happen!).

More details:

Over the next few weeks and months you’ll get surprise access to fun workshops and healing classes such as

Meditating with Angels ($19.99 VALUE)

– Intuitive Readings (I am known to laser focus on energies in seconds so bring on your questions, you’ll get rich answers) ($50 Value)

– Emotional healing videos ($99 value)

– Access to a positive + uplifting group of intuitive happy souls over at Private Page (Priceless love + support)

– And the latest brew of root chakra healing for a simply abundant, simply happy magical life + biz (TBD)

–  If the upcoming content doesn’t speak to you, you can always cancel at any time!

 To Register as a Bronze Member + access the workshop, click here 

Chakra Clearing Workshop with danielle dove to supercharge your intuition
Energy Clearing with Danielle Dove

As an Energy Stewart:

I support with my heart and money locally grown organic farmers.

I compost and give back to the earth daily.

I recycle what’s left and take public transportation everywhere.

I have a dream of setting up a healing center/school/community with and for conscious mamas and crystal children from around the world.

Signing up for Happy Soul School makes YOU an essential part of my dream of offering families and children access to energy healing and consciousness raising education.

A bit heart to heart Thank You!

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