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How do I manifest ideal clients? #solopreneur mama tip

How do I grow my reach, my circle of influence? How do I manifest clients?

You have to simply think about clients as friends.

If you were a child again playing alone at a park and no one was there, what would you do?

I'd pray for friends to show up. I'd feel them in my heart. I'd already hear their laughter as if they were already there.



Would you want any kind of friends to come? No, I'd want happy fun ones. Kids who would be glad to see me and be easy to play with. I'd call in kids I'm compatible to play with.

And would you worry about it? No, I'd play around and eventually, they would show up and I'd be ready to play with them.

So there you have it - and has it worked? yes, every time we go do the park mom and there's no one within 5-10 minutes a ton of kids end up showing up! It works every time.

Yes, and when mommy gets an idea to offer something and she would like friends to show up, what does she do?

She feels in her heart the joy of already getting to play with them.


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