Free Meditation: Learn how to meditate with angels


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Meditating with Angels is back LIVE

with Danielle Dove and the Angels of the Light!

November Special: 

Emergency Healing Freedom Meditation

to learn techniques to free up old energies and emotions before the

holiday stress and overwhelm begins.

Increase your intuitive gifts with meditations taught by the angels

Have you been seeking answers about your life and career?

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you feel heavy energy sitting on top of you that it’s hard breathing sometimes?

If so, this class is for you!

Twice each month, be guided through calming moments of peace and quiet to learn

Healing Dove Therapy Happiness Techniques

Cord Cutting (from situations + people who drain you)

Karma Releasing

Chakra clearing and boosting to remove blockages to your abundance, creativity and intuition


CONNECT with Angels and RECEIVE Divine Messages To guide you in your daily life + biz!


I create a sacred space in a hurt overlooking the ocean, and it is there that we meet – virtually and telepathically – for 90 minutes.

You join the space by calling in or joining the Livestream (video).

Phone # US: +1 424-203-8405 Access Code: 952138

Date and Time

Saturday November 22 2014 11AM PST / 2PM EST

Convert time/date for your country here.

With a possible extra date on 11/29/2014 same time, same place.

 Plus… Save the date for December 6th 2014 from 10AM PST to 2PM PST.

Earth angels in training: unveiling the angels among us

Exclusive Bonus

There’s always an intuitive angel and energy reading at the end of the meditation.

Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

An intuitive angel reading can be quite amazing.

Sometimes I will use cards, most often I just need your first name to read your energies.

Within seconds, I can see energies, read what’s going on and help bring about a healing – to the best of my abilities and based on your readiness to heal the issue at hand.


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  1. November 22

  2. November 29

Photo credit Leah Burlington

Photo credit Leah Burlington


The holidays are coming up and it feels many have blocked chakras full of old emotions and energies…  These energies won’t go away on their own.  They need your attention and a very specific system to be released – that’s why I am delighted to offer this

emergency healing freedom meditation

I would like to show you how connecting to spirit and your angels can help free up energy in your cells, your chakras replacing it with a higher frequency of love.

If you practice it daily, you will experience more happiness, flow and ease.

Isn’t that what we are all ultimately looking for?

Possible Results:

Feel energy flowing effortlessly through your chakr