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Why nap even when you don’t have time (and it’s not International Napping Day)

Did I really miss International Napping Day!! What!?

It’s March 9th in the US and March 14th in the UK, which you know what that means?

Two days a year I get to nap! Actually I live in France – in the South of France  – so international napping day happens every day here 😉

If you ever feel one bit guilty (or lack time) to catch some zzzz here are some very good reasons to do so, guilt free:

As the Great British Sleep Survey found, poor sleepers are seven times more likely to feel helpless and five times more likely to feel alone – consequences that can impact everything from our relationships to our ability to focus. – Source, HuffPost. 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you… Here is

My love affair with napping…

Oh I so love it when I know I can recharge in 15-45 mns and feel so rejuvenated for the rest of the day (and much more productive). Oh how I love hearing companies like the Huffington Post create ‘napping rooms’ for their employees (woohoo) Oh how I so love it when I see tea houses offer napping rooms in big loud cities (introverts heaven) I put a bed in my office just for naps 🙂 I work with clients from all over the world which means some days I am up at 5am to do calls and I have more to do at 9pm so guess what happens in the afternoon? Naps! I used to nap with my toddler – every single day – and how much I loved watching the sun go down a bit, have everything feel so quiet for 2-3 hours while I could do my thing, create, write, teach, serve…all while he slept away (now he is at school and yes I still nap when needed).

I am in love with naps – so much so – that even when my hubby tells me he doesn’t know how to nap or can’t nap – but I know he is tired – I get him to lay down and energetically ground his root chakra and literally make him fall asleep with me (a bit of an energy tip of mine).

How to fall asleep even when your head is buzzing:

Energy begets energy. Meaning, if you give your mind energy it will keep running for you.

You are the boss. You decided, no not right now. Right now I am grounding into my heart, into the earth, down  down down into a quieter space.

Literally imagine your head going into your heart and finding that all the noises has quieted down.

You could even read this as you want to nap (bookmark it for those moments) and do it with me.

Let all the noises in your head quiet down, as though you are literally turning down a volume button.

Tell them, I will deal with it when I wake up (and perhaps even wake up with fresh new ideas).

I am going to take a short nap right now and I trust it is safe for me to do so.

Whatever I do after this nap is very very good for me.

I like taking action from feeling rested and abundant.

Taking naps make me feel abundant and free.

I love letting go and finding myself near a pristine, beautiufl tree filled with light and love.

I am under this tree and I connect my energy to its roots.

There are lots of beautiful views all around mean I feel safe letting go. I am safe letting go here.

I feel my roots go down into the earth, I feel my energy diminish and I actually feel tired and want to nap.

Feeling tired is safe for me I know I am waking up at __h___m

I see myself wake up rejuvenated and so happy.

I am a nicer person throughout the day after my nap.

I am ready to nap and let go.

I am ready to keep following the energy of my roots into the earth and let go. Let go…let go.

To download the audio format of this guided nap meditation (can also be used at night to fall asleep), submit your name and email and I will send it to you as soon as it’s ready!

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