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Q&A: Danielle What’s your freedom party about?

what's the freedom party about

Don’t think, just write A freedom party is a time you set aside for yourself during which you become aware and centered on what is happening in side of you as you think of someone or something that pisses you off (or makes you feel sad/frustrated/ overwhelmed) and you write it down in a very simple basic way. All freedom parties always start with the writing when it’s still hot and fiery inside.

Then you turn up the music. After you took the time to write it all down, you get to reconnect to your heart, and other hilarious memories and A+ experiences you have recently manifested.

What you love dissolves And from that place of feeling all loving, you proceed by tapping into the fears and lack behind what you wrote earlier and release it one breath at a time.

The Fun Result? Within a few minutes a situation that made you feel a crazy 10/10 is now a 0 or a 1.  You feel super high, super happy and you freed yourself of so much energetic weight. You probably haven’t felt this free and all loving in years.

Can it be that simple? When I helped a lovely lady through this exercise yesterday she went from feeling so bogged down and sad about her body to completely free and on her way to a trampoline park, celebrating and loving every parts of herself. It happened in less than an hour. There are many more stories such as Jennifer’s below.

My gift to you

Would you like to feel free and not so controlled by your fear?

Would you like to be able to release energy that feels stuck when you meditate?

How about being able to tap into and understand what the stuck energies have to say and why they are there?

Would you like to awaken and use that energy of freedom to keep healing yourself and the world around you?

Welcome to the party – it starts below with your….

Freedom Party Action Plan:

  1.  Download link for your freedom party. The link will take you over to where you will have access to a freedom meditation I recorded.

  2. Chat LIVE with DDove to pinpoint what’s causing the lack of freedom in your life and map out a fast and easy plan of healing.  To get started fill out this form and you will be able to book a 30 minute chat with Danielle Dove.

  3. To read testimonials and find out more about the Freedom Party Package with DDove, click here.


If you have any trouble downloading the MP3 or finding it again after you downloaded it, it is called Freedom Party.mp3 so a search in your computer could help you find it.

xoxo Danielle.

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