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The world needs to hear from you now #healers

Beautiful Rich Abundant Healer, earth angels!

What a gift we have to be able to be healers in this world, therapists, transformational coaches, intuitive earth angels!

What if you allowed yourself to have a VOICE with the most expressive, brilliant, amazing throat chakra, deeply activated, deeply imbued with the truth?

I'm seeing a brilliant blue chakra by the way, can you feel it?

What if instead of shying away from saying what you really want to say and sharing what you really want to share, what if instead you created content as if the whole world spoke our earth angel lingo? And was craving it deeply?

What if you created content knowing it was needed, valued and a great asset to your community?

What if you created content, videos, offers as if you did have a huge supportive loving following who listened and loved every word, every offer, everything you did?

What if you started to create content and own your job - your god given and god assigned purpose - as a phenomenal, incredible, highly sought after position?

And a highly profitable position because you saved lives, hearts, marriages, careers, you name it, your purpose is worthy of massive praise and compensation.

But it can only become true if you dream the dream and desire it.

What if we reversed generations of shame and playing small into standing tall and honoring the need of our collective unconscious?

There is a huge need for more spiritual connection, awakening and healing.

We owe it to the children who signed up to be born as crystal children - we have to make it normal and natural to be an intuitive shaman, energy healers, crystal grid makers... to be seen, to be visible. Because they are waiting on us to pave the way and make it even more obvious that we are needed in this economy and we need to be authentic.

Remember some Kings and Queens used to have psychics in their court to help them make decisions.

Today politicians, teachers, doctors, everyone needs to know EFT, chakra clearing and energy detoxing...and they need to know it so they crystal kids coming in can be the healers they are meant to be...

Also, remember healers were and have been revered.

What do you think Jesus was?

A healer!

Plain and simple.

Now I'm not saying anyone of us has to be healers like Jesus was, but we have to believe in our god-given abilities so they can work.

You have to energize the dream and believe in it for it to come true.

If you need to go over Earth Angels in Training, I believe it's been uploaded to the PDF of this group.

And in Meditating with Angels, for the throat chakra, crystal children come to encircle you and clear your throat chakra if you need a boost.

Also, I recorded a french meditating with angels two weeks ago for my french clients and in it we talked about snowflakes coming down full of peace onto the planet.

It snowed 3 days later on my birthday in my region at the end of March which never happens.

Say it with me:

I believe in magic I do I do I do.

Nothing is more amazing than to awaken our earth angel fairy heart again and my dream is that everyone gets to be an adult with the faithful all-loving heart of a child.

To your amazing earth angel life!


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Yes! I love this post Alixe! I so believe that we are paving the way for children to be fully aligned with their intuitive shaman. We have so much work to do together 💞 Parents and children healing together 🙏🏻💖 that’s a beautiful picture!

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