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Your Energetic Radar

Ever sat at a computer desk for long hours only to realize, later on, your neck and shoulders were all tense?

The tension was there all along, but you only noticed it when it got bad.

In today’s Podcast I make the claim you may have heavy energy around you (and even in you) which could or could not be your own (it might be something you picked up along the way) influencing your thoughts and keeping your heart closed and unhappy.

Now most of the time it is your stuff but often it isn’t.

Here are my suggestions to reclaim your spiritual gifts and activate your super powerful energetic radar

None of these links are affiliate links.

  1. I suggest the Love or Above Program from Christie Marie Sheldon.

  2.  Theta Healing is a modality by Vianna Stibal. On her site you can find practitioners around your area. Each differ depending on their own training. I am a theta healer practitioner as well and do distance phone consultations and healings. One Theta Healer I recommend is Jennifer. I use her personally a few times a year to check in with her.

  3. Angel Therapy Practitioners at by Doreen Virtue.

  4. Doreen Virtue’s book called Archangels and Ascended Masters.

  5. If you want to download my Earth Angels in Training ebook for free –  email my team at

  6. To clear your aura and chakras with angels, download this free meditation here:

  7. To download Meditating with Angels the Chakra Clearing CD, and the Root chakra Album by Danielle Dove (my former spiritual name).

  8. And last but not least, my popular video on why connecting vertically eases stress and overwhelm.

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