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Self Heal Emotional Neglect

Hey there sweet heart,

I am up at 5am with the lovely and highly healing and positive Archangel Jophiel to talk about emotional neglect in our relationships, staying in relationships with people who aren’t emotionally (or physically) available,  what are the telling signs to look for and how to heal the energies in you causing you to feel and re-experience this lack, seemingly over and over again.

A lot to cover in one article for our fanny pack Friday but all is possible with angels 🙂

If you are new to my work, then know I co-create with angels of the highest light and that’s how most of my energy healing is done. Sit back, read the words and lo and behold, you might just feel some energetic alignment happen all on its own.

All healing begins with this

There is a living spark of divine light living inside your heart,

it seeks to expand its energy and live through you, as you, with you to bring forth all that you need

to grow

to love

to give

to receive

It seeks to make life effortless.

As effortless as a dog running into the water to swim with a dolphin.

Life, and that spark, is meant to be that effortless (and fun).

It’s never too late

As we grow into adults, we tend to put our focus outwards in the world,  forgetting all about our inner spark, which is most effective when we are consciously aware of it.

You can right now recreate an image of a divine white light sparkling like fireworks inside your womb flying up to your heart and expanding its energy out into the field of your aura (that bubble like energy field that surrounds you at all times).

You can, simply by calling on the light, (through your own voice, your own imagination, you own invocation) let the light shine through you, as you, with you now.

The simpler the better

This spark is all you need to begin undoing any time in your life you have experienced the harsh reality of lack and insecurity – anytime in your childhood you were wounded by some form of emotional neglect.

Times when you needed emotional support – food in the form of play, touch, positive words, lightness and joy. A time when you needed the warm body of another to lay next to you, love you and cherish you.

What to look for

If those lacking feelings were never released chances are that now as an adult you regularly re-experience the energetic signature – the blueprint – of that lack. Even if you are married. Even if you are with children and friend. You still feel a sense of lack.

Are you often complaining your partner/beloved/ or best friend/children ________ (your support system), is not available to be there for you?

You don’t feel they have time to play with you, hang out, shop, cook, clean with you, be part of your world without cramming it – just being emotionally involved in what you do?

Emotionally invested in your happiness?

Not because they need to be or you need them to be but simply because they – as fulfilled human beings have so much to give that giving over to you in all aspects is a flowing logical effortless experience. Where you naturally feel supported, held and cherished without having to think about it.

Why it hasn’t healed, just yet.

If you keep being in relationships where the other person feels unavailable, emotionally, physically and mentally – why do you stay or keep attracting other relationships that awaken the same old pain over and over again?

To feel it through to completion

When any old pain resurfaces again and again, it is an opportunity – a lucky chance to reconnect with the parts of you that still feel small, neglected and scared.

To reconnect with your wounded inner child and love her so much that she lets it all go and starts to reconnect to her true all loving self again.

Feel it through to completion

Remember that divine spark you tapped into at the beginning?

Help yourself now by going into the feeling and ask it (as though you are asking a little girl) how old are you?

Listen – just listen for a number and trust what you get.

Go see her.

Hold her.

Be with her.

You can take angels with, it’s totally up to you.

All you need to do is just be there fully

In the present moment and breathe like your life depends on it

It does.

Breathe into the lacking feelings you feel and love her

Love her and appreciate her.

Being all loving helps

You know how to be all loving the moment a child, pet or a loved one needs your loving care and attention. You know how to drop everything to be there for that being and love them unconditionally.

So why can’t you just do it for yourself right now?

Try it.

Try it again.

And again.

And notice as you love that little girl in you, she turns her frown upside down and begins to radiate light.

Begins to move vibrantly again as a free being. Full of love. Full of bright light.

As you change, your world changes

You have right now, helped yourself by shifting your point of attraction.

Recognize all around you if people aren’t starting to be more supportive.

If your loved ones are starting to be more invested in your well being – showering you with kisses hugs and soft whispers of love.

Your Maintenance Program

Recognize you are worthy of that love starts with first going into the painful parts of you that are still alive in you (and kicking).

No need for lengthy therapy on what happened or didn’t happen.

Just be present to what your pain might be right now.

Find a space within your heart to love it,

And then breathe.

Breathe and trust all is well and you are loved.


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