Raise your Vibe to Serve More & Sell More

Had a blast making this energy clearing gathering with Amanda Moxley to walk you through bits of my Get Over Yourself Blueprint so you can

  1. Clear unconscious blocks to actually manifesting your big business goals (with ease!!),

  2. Go Vertical in order to get out of small and scared thinking and move into big unlimited positive thinking,

  3. Program what we want to happen in our upcoming journeys, whether it’s in sales, visibility or marketing.

I shared incredible stories of women who just like you had a business idea and a structure in place but lacked the sales figure to really make their business POP + what they did to finally make it happen (it’s not hiring more coaches or taking on more courses).

Sit back, enjoy the energy clearing.

Bring water, and some paper and all of your business blocks.

Your Free Gift(s):

Here’s the link to tell me what YOU need to receive next and I’ll send you some suggestions. I’ll tune in and read into you and what you wrote (yes I can read energy and people from afar without needing to meet you) – and I’ll send you an invite to do the free initial call 1:1 with me or some other gifts and readings depending on what I sense.


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