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When parenting goals nourish business goals

If you can hold a steady flow of love open you can hold a steady flow of income open.

Hey Entrepreneur Moms and dads!

I’ve had the incredible chance of reading energies for a living for over a decade and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed over and over again in all of my successful clients: their heart is open to give and receive love, approval, and gratitude. But it’s hard to keep one’s heart open when one is in fear and worry about their children. Both your health and your business could suffer.

You’ll learn my tips in this video to raise your vibration out of fear and into love and faith and trust. If you feel 100% more certain your children are in the best school and you are showing up for them ideally, then you can move up out of the needs of your root chakra into your creative self – your sacral chakra.

From there you’ll be well on your way to creating an ideal business model.

So I always say: go into your fears, go into them to clear them and free them. Then you’ll come out much more positive and from there be able to create an ideal recipe for success both for your parenting goals and your business goals.

One nourishes the other. Last year I homeschooled my son and again this summer and both times I chose to manifest ideal scenarios by shifting my mindset and clearing out my fears.

If you decide it, you can manifest it.

After you’ve watched the video, tell us in the comments below, have you noticed when your parenting goals are manifesting and you are reaching them with ease, your business goals are also easier to reach? And do you notice you block business growth when you are worried about your children?

To your abundant joyful freedom,

Alixe K. Tracey Ps: Fear and worry about our loved ones will decrease our intuition in business. Take care of your personal parenting goals first so your intuition in business can be spot on. ?

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