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Work from home hack: Catch the negative loops

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

It’s hard to know when you’re caught up in a negative mindset cycle….here are the top 3 signs you are in it and how to get quickly out of it.

What gets in the way of massive productivity at home is simply your vibe.

Are you feeling supported and positive (as in your love language is filled up) or are you feeling full of negative loops and believing them?

I'd love to offer you some high energy clearing because you wouldn't try to clear a bunch of dirt with your hands or your breath. You'd turn on the vacuum and do it in a second.

So why try to get rid of heavy negative thoughts (and its energy) with your energy as is? You need to plug in to a higher vibe first and let it clear you up powerfully.

Which part of the audio did you like best?

If you enjoyed this leave a comment below. I love hearing from my beautiful readings and spiritual solopreneur mamas.

Your Journaling Prompt:

When do I get into a negative loop? What or who tends to trigger me?

What emotion do I feel?

What strong emotion do I feel over and over again?

Did I ever feel this way before?

Write it down because you'll be that much more aware of it and then can question it.

I practice the Pause and Pray to ask for higher guidance.

If you have kids at home and are trying to work from home as a solopreneur or you're at work and you are feeling triggered by a boss or a colleague... there are tools that can help you quickly.

Kids will definitely understand if you can draw it for them and let them know when mommy goes into this color / picture she really needs to take a nap (and then put a note on the door or a drawing).

We have to let our kids know about boundaries and what's needed when...

Often children look for boundaries and are glad when we set one up for them. I can offer more tips on this topic, I'll create a blog post soon. Be sure to come join us in this group:

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