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I (still) need to tell you this before it’s too late

What if you lived forever

Hi sweet souls,

I am re-posting this article to give you on update (in italics) on how things are going since helping my son’s grandfather up to the light in 2012.

18 months have gone by and I just now allowed the grief and wailing that usually needs to happen, to finally come up.

I realized I was dearly attempting to fill the non-belief and the pain that comes with loosing a loved one with either food or work.

None of these things truly work to replace love from someone we grew to absolutely adore.

Every day that I wake up and he is not in my life I am truly sad.

I am a sensitive earth angels.

I will feel a lot of emotions.

It’s a good thing.

It’s my gift.

I can feel him.

I can still hug him and I can hear his advice.

Here’s what happened…


August 13, 2012

We called 911 on Monday morning.

I heard the woman’s voice from afar, walked up the steps to find out my father in law wasn’t breathing.

My son was napping in the other room. He didn’t know what was happening.

We were all together, living under one roof, that’s how we felt guided to live the first year of my son’s life.

It may not make sense to move in with your in-laws after having a baby, but ‘it felt right’ and I’ll explain why if you keep reading this letter.

I loved my father in law I wasn’t ready to see him go.

There had been so many close calls. As a juvenile diabetic it was always a thin line between life and death.

So we knew. We were prepared.

But not that day. Not yet.

The paramedics came in. All 8 or 9 of them. I didn’t count.

They looked as close to fit, trim hunky archangels in human bodies. Strong willed,

skilled. My gosh, they did everything to revive him… down to drilling something into his leg. I cried on the bed next to him.

And then I remembered. Why don’t you look to see where his soul is?

Right. So i closed my eyes to open my spiritual eye and I saw him.

Dancing around the ceiling.

Happy & free.

There were days that were so hard for him he would tell us he wanted to leave his body.

He finally did.

But they were trying to revive him. I had a moment of mixed hope and panic. I thought I may watch a soul re-enter a body. They looked determined, as though they could with their machines and rhythm, it was like a dance. The machine kept reminding them life hadn’t come back: 30 more seconds without respiration.

What do I do? So I tuned in to Bruce telepathically and asked him what he wanted to do.

“Tell them to stop” he says. I understood. He was ready.

We held each other, hugged and danced together up to the light. He went easy. No resistance. He had lived with so much of God in him his whole life. He knew what dying was like.

For 20 more minutes after Grandpa Bruce was with God they kept injecting things into him and their machine kept telling them there had been no respiration. They tried and tried. I didn’t say a word.

I picked up my son from his bed. He smiled and laughed, which is what Bruce would love the most.

My son’s grandfather died this week.

In his sleep after a day of ballroom dancing, celebrating his wife’s 70th birthday.

I am telling you this story before it’s too late. Before someone you love passes away and your feelings take over and you loose all intuition.

Departed loved ones need us to ‘see’ them in their spirit form as much as we saw them in their bodies.

They talk to us. The want us to know they are still there.

Later that night Hayden won’t go to sleep. Bruce is back I notice with my 3rd eye. He is sitting next to my son’s bed, as cheerful and giggly to play with his grandson again.

I say hello to Bruce but still remind him I gotta put my son to sleep, it’s almost 10pm.

‘I know I know but let me see him smile’.

I pick up my son and whisper in his ear “ton grand-pere est la”.

When souls leave their bodies they go to the light for review.

They check in to make sure they don’t become earth bound spirits.

And then they get permission to comeback and visit.

I am not sad. (Sadness can take a while to show up sometimes).

Neither should you be if any one died around you.

I am not sad because I still see him, talk to him and I can continue to love him.

Sure there are tears at times that my son won’t get to grow up seeing his grandpa telling him how smart and beautiful he is.

But he was so tired and sick everyday. I can teach Hayden how to see his grand-pa in his happy spirit body.

I am writing this to tell you today I want to give you that gift.

The gift of seeing departed loved ones, feeling them, knowing them.

It’s not just for you. It’s for them.

They miss you as much as you miss them.

I know.

Death and I have had a darn close relationship.

I buried my father when I was 10 years old in a Parisian Cemetery, my brother two years later and my mom when I was barely 18.

And there were more in between, friends who died accidentally, grandmothers and grandfathers who left us as well.

It gets easier. Not because of repetition. But because the veil between life and death no longer scares me.

So now let me ask you…

How do you think you would live your life if you were no longer afraid of death?

How do you think you would love if you were no longer afraid of loosing?

And it’s not just that.

It’s the incredible dance that begins between you and your higher self, your future self, and your loved ones – when you begin to open up your intuition.

This is a call to action my friend.

2012 is here. The ascension process has begun.

It’s time to be fully alive so that when you do decide to go, you can say… what a ride! I got out aLIVE.

Bruce was the happiest most alive and spontaneous. He didn’t let his disease get to him. He fought through and through with courage and determination. When his friends told him not to go to Medical School because it would be too hard for him. He still went and graduated top of his class and practiced for decades. He was determined to live.

And that’s what he’d want of me too. That’s what my family wants of me too.

And that’s what I want for you too.

I could have said no.

No to flying to Hawaii in 2008 for an Angel Therapy Certification Course.

It was so expensive, way beyond my budget. But I put it on a credit card and it changed my life forever.

I could have said no to taking a channeling telecourse later that year.

I could have said no and never experienced a dolphin jumping out of the ocean as I affirmed a beautiful new truth.

I don’t know what I’d be doing today if I had said no.

I may still be a single girl in LA waiting tables or working in a cubicle, or both.

I said no to the right things in my life. No to routine and bosses.

No to 9-5pm. No to lies

And I said big Yeses to the right things in life.

Yes to independence and living life led by intuition.

Yes to God and his beloved Angels

Yes to having guides and gurus lead the way to self-realization.

Yes to London where I met a woman who introduced me to the father of my child

Yes to having a baby, yes to living with my in-laws

Yes to moving to France for a year

and when I was asked to do a retreat in Hawaii, I said yes to that too.

What are you ready to say yes to today?

Are you ready to be fully alive without fear of living or dying?

Are you ready to experience your feelings fully through to completion so they don’t overwhelm you anymore?

Someone recently said Yes to coming to Hawaii. She was worried about the expenses.

My answer to her was: “the minute you take a step towards taking a retreat meant to help you, life will help you come up with the money.”

The very next day she received unexpected funds.

My beautiful man just walked in while I was writing this. He tells me he cleared the energy in the room that his parents slept in, and tuned in to connect with his father’s soul. Immediately, the TV began to make a noise as though it was being switched on.

He then felt guided to turn the TV to channel 241. In that channel was a show regarding a medical report on men and prostrate health.

A sign from above. Grandfather Bruce saying hello. He is still with us.

Remember, the more often you have gone up to see Creator in your lifetime, the easier it will be to go there when you cross over. I know it can sound morbid but it would actually mean you would have started blending your spirit body with your earth body and it makes life so incredibly magical. The endless bonus you get is to be filled with the most potent unconditional love you may have ever felt.

Don’t take my word for it. Experience it.

With love and devotion,

Danielle Dove

PS: I know this is a powerful article about a subject we often feel completely powerless over.

One minute someone is here and the next they can be gone forever.

I would like to challenge that notion of ‘forever’.

What if they aren’t truly gone but have simply transformed from their physical suit to their space suit?

While the upcoming retreat with spirit guides and angels will be a fun experience connecting you closer to your team of either departed loved ones, angels and guides, I have the responsibility to tell you,

it may connect you to your departed loved ones in a way that can also be incredibly healing.

It’s all OK.

We’ll hold space for you to experience what you need over the week-end and for an entire week afterwards and we encourage you to take time for you.

Personally whenever I have surrendered to quality time with myself, my guides and angels, there was always a period afterwards of great busyness and effective productivity.

Just saying, if you’re a ‘get it done’ type of person like me who doesn’t like to stop… sometimes

letting go and slowing down becomes fertilizers to our dreams.


Spirit Guide and Angel Connection Virtual Retreat

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