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Do you feel ‘off’ your purpose and overwelmed?

off your purpose

Feeling overwhelmed can be temporary:

My heart goes out to all my dear women friends and clients when in tears, overwhelmed and unhappy, they often tell me they want to quit their jobs, marriages and start over doing what they love.

After listening to their sorrow I lean into asking them a very simple question:

Have you been taking care of yourself in the morning thinking of what might be your spiritual practice for that day? No. I haven’t had time.

Every time I see a friend or a client hit bottom emotionally, 100 % of the time I hear that same answer.

Could it be that a lack of a spiritual program (you love and enjoy doing each day) could eventually lead to an emotional overwhelm?

Keeping with the theme that our spiritual nature is our magical wand and a la Mary Poppins can make things happen faster and more easily for us busy moms, earth angels and lightworkers, well of course if we forget to activate, use and clear our spiritual bodies and our magical fairy heart, then of course things will get blocked a bit and nothing would go our way.

Turn your life around: get your needs met

Are you experiencing the reality of feeling a lack of support from your husband or loved ones?

Do you wish he could come to you and genuinely ask you:

how can I be more supportive, tell me, show me, what can I do for you?

It can happen. I have seen it happen.

Do you wish people would just take more initiatives helping you with the kids?

It can happen. I have seen it happen.

Wishing your partner would also clear his energy so everyone in the house can benefit and you aren’t the only one doing all the work?

He gets on the treadmill to spiritual bliss and starts clearing his chakra.

It can happen. I have seen it happen.

These are real life examples of real people I know where the women didn’t need to yell, manipulate or control but simply party their little hearts out to freedom.

And then it all turned around for them.

Why a spiritual program (you love) helps:

We are energetic beings first.

As a medium channel I can guarantee you this body you have is most definitely temporary.

I have connected with many baby souls before they incarnated into a body and have met many souls after they lived a full life.

You already know this but ya know, I am going to be like your investment banker here talking about your 401k: Your spirit and soul ought to really be your #1 concern and investment of your time because it is what you get to keep…

for ever.

You have this life – this one unique life – to get to know yourself on a soul level, expand your ability to feel divine love in every cell of your body and rock your purpose – having a blast along the way.

You are a gifted intuitive woman

If you are a sensitive (intuitive) woman raising sensitive (intuitive) kids and you aren’t taking care of yourself energetically and spiritually, guess what happens to the rest of your household?

It becomes total chaos because you and your kids are absorbing energies from you and the external world  and no one is cleaning up the energies, no one is releasing their emotions.

Eventually, the more it builds up inside of you, the more your family life – and the external world become an expression of all the energies you aren’t releasing or healing on the inside.

your intuition is a gift

Instead of running away or quitting the overwhelming job or lifestyle, let’s back up a bit and see how we could take care of you first, before you give love to the rest of the world, since we know how amazing you are at loving the whole world up.

Party your heart out towards freedom –

Every Day

A spiritual practice in the morning that you absolutely love to do can set you free no matter where you live, the job you have or the bills you have to pay.

All of that stuff takes your precious focus away from what matters most: your intuitive ability to manifest what you need with ease (and magic).

Essentially if you do what your heart loves to do, that’s where true freedom happens.

And once you feel free in your heart, it’s only a matters of days before your external world catches up to how you feel.

Which option would you like to keep experiencing?

Option A is to keep avoiding partying into freedom with spirit which we all know results in feeling overwhelmed, unsupported and constantly running around putting out fires.

Option B is to put yourself first and party your heart out one day at a time, one morning at a time – one whenever at a time.

Put yourself first:

Before you focus on the external state of your life, put yourself first.  Write your new wishlist for love and spiritual nourishment, first thing in the morning, before tackling or writing any other to do lists.

It will help you feel loved up even if you only get to do one thing on your list that day.

and loved up you want to feel for this very important reason.

Here’s a secret I will share with you which has helped me manifest positive outcomes no matter how bad the situation may have gotten:

Whatever energy you are in when you begin an activity (be it trying to make more money, looking for a job, moving or planning a vacation), you will get more of that very same energy on the other side.

So why begin anything with lack or worry or stress?

A spiritual practice that leaves you feeling loved up and peaceful means everything you choose to begin that day ends up giving you back more of that same feeling.

Have you ever noticed if you are out of control and try to control a situation, you end up feeling even more out of control? 

Just this morning I woke up deciding I would have at least 45 minutes to myself before my son woke up. I ended up having almost an hour to write, read, meditate and just be. When he woke up I felt so much love for him, it was amazing. I loved him up, kissing him, sitting with him, hiding under the covers and just playing my heart out with him. I was able to do all that because I had set my heart free before he even woke up. I had set a very firm intention mama comes first.

O2 for your Soul:

These suggestions below are like O2 for your soul, meals and snacks for your spirit, don’t forget to eat ’em up solo by a tree, on a yoga mat or wherever you wild heat feels like being: your whole life will change and start shining more brightly for you are a light being.

  1. Come up with 3-5 artist dates you could plan out over the next few weeks or months, start the list for now. artist dates are done solo, on your own, visiting a museum, taking a music leson/dance class. Anything where you feel supported and held by the present moment itself.  A good book to take along is Th Artist’s Way book by J. Cameron.

  2. Going for a walk (cell phone free) to bond with nature, feeling your feet on the ground and perk up your ears to the sounds around you (and even possibly hug a tree and say hi).  Trees need love everywhere, especially in crowded cities and suburban areas.

  3. Find some kids who are playing soccer and run after the ball (silly wins, take your kids along if you want).

  4. It could be taking an uplifting book with you and reading under a tree sending love to everything you see. Some recovery books are great to read every day, Melody Beattie has amazing books on how to put yourself first.

  5. It could be clapping your hands affirming, “I believe in magic, I do I do I do” (I do).

  6. Clearing your aura to a recording (I have one for you free when you sign up for my ezine).

  7. Realizing your sensitivity is a gift the world needs and learn more about your clairs and how to hear your angels (here’s a video for you).

  8. Chakra Clearing each of your chakras or the one you feel guided to clear that day/week/month (Join The 30 Day Chakra Clearing challenge and you will have a great excuse to meditate daily and meet other chakra clearing sisters and moms).

  9. It might be cutting your cords of attachment to old situations (exes, attachments and expectations) in a whole new way (here’s one way).

  10. Making a God Box and putting your worries and prayers in that box.

  11. Selling old items online and cutting your cords of attachment to them. De-cluttering and giving things away or selling them online. I sold a changing table within 15 minutes of cutting my cords to it (one example cord cutting works, do you have any?).

  12. What are some other quick spiritually nourishing meals and snacks you could pack in your bag and take with you during the day ? (Meditating music, a walk in nature, fun solitude, your favorite spiritual book, yoga mat, your journal, a phone list of other chakra clearing sisters on the same path as you?).

What goes on my list:

What am I to do today to nurture my soul and feel connected to Spirit?

I ask this question to myself most often when I am still in bed.

It’s an open ended question.

i am open

Most days it often includes walking, meditating, writing, phone calls to have meaningful connections to friends, reading positive literature, setting my intentions for what I am calling forward that day/week/month and some visualizing of the end result.

Can you imagine how different your day  / week would be if you took some mandatory me time before you started your day?

Delegate your needs

Once you list is made, let go of ‘how’ or ‘when’.

It’s nice if you could fit the walk in before the kids wake up.

It’s great if you can fit in some reading even if 5 minutes (in the smallest room of the house, that counts too).

But the ultimate goal of this exercise is to not be attached when you get your time for you.

It’s more important that you wrote down that you will.

the universe is listening.


Ask for help.

Let it happen.

I am not strictly attached to the list.

If I get done what’s on there, awesome.

But honestly, most days after I write down my list, I don’t look at it for the rest of the day.

I did it.

That’s what mattered.

It’s not to be controlled or forced.

Delegate your list to Life, Source, Angels, Guides.

Let it go.

Writing it down is 90% of it.

The rest of it magic can handle it from there on.

Get Authentic

I will simply finish by saying that ultimately we will all be so incredibly intuitive, we will all be able to read each other’s stuff in seconds.

It is already happening.

Children are beginning to show incredible intuition and ability to absorb their parent’s energies and reflect back to them that energy in the form of an illness or a chronic condition.

I recently met a lovely mom who couldn’t release her grief about a certain situation in her life, so her child took in that energy and ended up with a serious illness even antibiotics and surgery couldn’t heal.

I haven’t had the chance to help this woman and child yet but it clearly feels the crystal child needs help on an energetic level.

Most importantly the mom can begin to set her heart free of grief.

what do you sense?

Isn’t more empowering to think you can help your children by healing yourself?

Another amazingly awesome reason to put yourself first and get that list started first thing in the morning.

Wishing you the miracles of a divine spiritual practice,

Danielle Dove.

Freedom Party Package with Danielle Dove

PS: I would love to help you party into freedom.

I have some spots for private 1 on 1 opening up for September. 

Come see if this resonates with you darling heart.

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