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D.Dove Reads Energy

DDove Reads Energy

You are in the right place if you are curious about how I can read energies, want to learn more about how it works and if it is safe.

About Energy Readings:

It is similar to reading auras if you ever heard of that practice where one person is a clairvoyant and can pick up on the colors of your aura.  Except what I do is tune into the energy inside your body and chakras trapped there from previous experiences and I can trace them back to their source and origin to help you release them (working with light streams and angels of the light).

If you are familiar with Akashic Records, I do read them and work with Archangel Razael to shift the stories in your records to help you go free of recurring karma.

Keeping it simple

In the most simple terms I am a multi clair intuitive meaning that I have developed my sixth sense to the point that I can go beyond the physical realm and see, read and feel what isn’t seen by the naked eye. I developed my sixth sense by using it a whole lot during my Meditating with Angels classes I have been offering almost weekly since 2009 followed by angel card readings.  You can read feedback from people who have attended those live classes and also listen to my meditation CD by that same name (on Itunes, CDbaby and Amazon).

Why it only takes seconds

The reason I can see your energy in seconds is energy travels really fast. In fact angels will send me answers for you so fast that I often don’t even need to think of the answer, it just comes flowing through.

Why we doubt it

It is often the very reason why people will doubt when they hear the answer of an angel in their own head while walking or just when they wake up because the thought comes so fast and feels like it’s coming from another source outside of themselves and yet aren’t sure whether to believe it.  You can always ask for the thought to comeback another time or to give you another sign. Open mindedness is key here.

Is it safe?

Energy healing – the way I do it – is safe, yes.  Now, there are plenty of times where I would not recommend you receive energy healings.  Here is why I believe what I do is safe and what to look for if you wish to experience it elsewhere.

You want to make sure the person you receive a healing from uses an invocation of some sort that calls on the highest light.  Using the power of the voice and the throat chakra means that the right energy will come in leaving anything less than outside of the energy field.

You also want to make sure the person you are working with looks and feels positive and uplifting in nature and don’t drink/smoke or look like they are not doing so well.  We all go through phases of ups and downs but generally good energy healers get through their lessons fast and raise their energy back up.

I don’t recommend you attend group healings unless the person leading the retreat has plenty of other high quality healers holding the space with her or him (or he is as awakened as Eckart Tolle for example in which case, you are covered).

A bit more about me…

Now I know when we hear of healers and energy psychics, it’s always best to lean on the side of caution.  Yet there are so many amazing benefits of energy healing you could miss out on by staying in fear.  My gift came out of my deepest desire to awaken ‘Thy Love’ in all hearts.   Inspired by one of my most cherished mentors Paramahansa Yogananda. It is his life’s work which inspired me to aim for self-realization and share the incredible gift of feeling loved by the divine with others.  I practice what I preach daily. I meditate as soon as I wake up. I seek to heal myself and go free first so I can help raise the frequency of the planet as a whole.  The more I meditate, the more peace I see and experience all around me in my city and as more people join me, hopefully in many more cities and countries.

I also studied under Doreen Virtue and am a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, although if you go looking for me on her practitioner page you will find me under my French name Victoire Michel.  I changed my name and it did totally change my life, although these days in France, I am back to being Victoire most days and it’s just fine.

If you have any other questions I haven’t addressed here, please ask them and I will be sure to answer them honestly and as accurately as I can.

And for a better feel of me and my energy, download the ebook and meditation by signing up for my mailing list. You will feel that the energy I tap into truly is divine and all loving.

And while I do love sacred spaces and nature and trees, as much as I like rituals and shamans, I am non-denominational and am affiliated with no organizations or sects.

I am just a really happy fairy mama sharing her gift and practicing the power of presence every day and every moment that I can.

My philosophy in life is to Love All and Shine Brightly.

Self-Care Wednesday

Come on by the group on Wednesday 11:30AM PST.

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