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…But what if I can’t make money at it?

Have you ever wondered if your business idea could work if you’d be able to make a living at it too? 

I mean, could you really make money off of an idea?

I’m asking to share a success story with you. Julieanne from Cook with Julieanne, reached out to me because she’s had, just like you and me and so many in the Awakening CEO sisterhood, a business idea – something that wouldn’t go away and rightly so – it was her soul guiding her to a new path.

And just to make sure she got the message, many of her other income producing jobs ended and no matter how many interviews she went on, nothing came through.

So she had to face her fears of success and of failure. She had, very normally, the proofs that previous endeavors didn’t work, so why should this one work now?

She ‘edited’ her mindset and worked through those fears and blocks with me during our 1:1 Editing sessions as well as during her winning CEO routine I suggested.

And now she’s LIVE almost every day on FB with plenty of people seeing her. She was so afraid before of even calling someone up that she couldn’t do it. And in just a few short weeks, it’s as if the chains of resistance have been removed. She’s letting herself be seen and even started selling her packages and offers over the phone.

She recently told me:

My husband is very proud. I am on my way to make this month what I previously had taken me a year to make in my previous business. I am finally realizing my worth, the knowledge I have gathered, not only in this life time, but in all the lives I have had. What an achievement. Its fun that this morning I edited the need for approval from anyone!

She went from petrified and guilty she wasn’t finding a job to selling packages to women who need her help over the phone! Huge transformation and I’m so glad I felt guided to help her.

Check out her latest FB Live as it’s all about energy clearing negativity you pick up from people around you. She has this brilliant tool of doing the figure 8 – I’ll let you feel her energy when she does it for you during the video.

I’m just so proud of her and how fast she moved out of isolation into action and now being able to have an income from being of service to people who really need her light. I’m so glad she trusted the guidance of her business.

What you have to offer is worthy moving past your fears and the inner critical voices you hear.

I’m off to a 12 day vacation somewhere new with my little guy and his dad. If you want to get started doing what Julieanne did to get the results she got, then this last meditation is the one you want to listen to as it has a bit of the ‘editing’ I do with Awakening CEOs 1:1. Here’s the link to get your download of the MWA Live we just recorded on Friday. It’s the last one on the page and it’s titled: ‘Good Girls Don’t Ask For More’.

Much love and I can’t wait to hear from you so leave a comment below and let me know the inner critical voices you’d love to delete and live without and how much that would be worth to you?


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