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Before you rush into 2018, try this

Hey there! Did you know you could turn around a disaster holiday (or any day for that matter) into a very pleasant, rewarding day in less than 10 minutes?  Honestly, it’s crazy I didn’t catch on to this sooner but as soon as I did it meant my everyday life and what came to pass drastically turned towards what I wanted it to be vs. having it be random, or worst the very thing I feared the most. It’s the reason I am able to homeschool my son (with ease) and travel through 4 countries (with ease) the past few months and still have the same income as when I was chained to my desk 5 days a week.  You are powerful enough to make everything easy, lighter more fun. You can turn around even an unpleasant work situation.  But it does start with focusing on just today and forgetting about 2018 for now. Trust me, it’s worth it to be right here right now, listening to your thoughts and making sure they don’t define and color your next reality. 

Ps: to see my world adventures these days I post them on instagram or facebook page. Hayden and I were just in Switzerland where we were happy to have had a lot of snow (did we visualize it and ask it into being? You bet!). Then an awesome adventure through Lisbon, Portugal and finally now in Summerlin, Nevada (near the Red Rock Mountains) with a flight that got in from the east coast 90 minutes earlier (did I plan that into being? Yes I asked and visualized myself getting home as quickly as possible).  You can do it every day so try it out and let me know how it works for you and if you have any questions. I’m open to teaching a course on this if you feel you’d love to master the art of calling ideal things into being and gaining power/control over your reality (with ease).

More tips on how to turn around a draining/toxic situation at work or in life…

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