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11 Days $1,100 +

Hi,So… I use my intuition in all things and last week when I got this clear message to offer a free challenge for 11 days to help you manifest $1100 (or way more) I knew the angels were trying to get the attention of fellow light workers who may have been struggling believing in themselves and their dreams.

So it’s time, my friend.

Time to prove to yourself energy clearing away resistance and blocks helps you manifest what you focus on.

I’ll explain the trick to get your powerful subconscious on board with your goals and how fast you can manifest $1,100 or more doing what you love. Feeling scared?

I am a little bit.

This has worked for me and so many of my clients for a lot more but never with a time limit. Whose in for the challenge? Will have daily videos and tips to practice each day. I think 20-40 minutes a day to clear the path to having it all with ease should do. You’re game?

It’s a totally FREE and online in this group.

Invite the women you know who need it.

I’ll be offering you my best tips to help you lean back and just let things come to you.

This challenge is for you if:

1. Desire a freedom lifestyle where money comes to you and can be easily manifested

2. If you feel stuck always going back to a 9-5 job when it’s uninspiring and you know you’re meant to birth a new business into the word but feel afraid to do it or there’s too much resistance from your family and loved ones.

3. struggle charging for what you are worth and what you can deliver or are in transition from doing what you’re used to doing to shifting to a new career and you feel insecure you will be able to earn as much in that new endeavor.

4. You have a history around money and family drama.

I hope you feel guided to join us ->

And of course for the ladies who already make $11,000 a month with ease ( you know who you are) we will have special challenges for you where perhaps what you manifest and call in is making that much with greater ease, flow and freedom).

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