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About those Mercury Retrogrades

Hi Darling Dove!

It’s that time again (and again and again) when Mercury retrogrades.

While a quick google search will give you all the details as to the why and the when this planet retrogrades, it’s important to also add:

Mercury Retrograde = Declutter Beliefs

It’s a great time to do the inner excavation work and clear up resistance to a goal. 

If you’ve been following my Money Challenge then you know, attracting ideal end results happens when we are cleared of all attachments and aversions/oppositions to getting it with ease.

Yes it does require daily connecting to the light and daily asking of ‘why would I be opposed to (insert your goal) and then following up with finding and clearing of fears of lacking approval, control and safety.

It requires a bit of inner work, but the payoff? Freedom from that recurring belief creating more of the same reality over and over again.

Doing the Inner Work Liberates Life Long Stuckness

If you’ve been wondering: why is money going out as quickly as it comes in?

Or why do I always_____ or why does this always happen this way________?

Then finding (and freeing) the deeply rooted program during a retrograde is that much easier.

For example, Jill heard a deeply seated belief about money not being safe to have. She understood finally why it tends to go right out again. If our sub-conscious beliefs money = danger, do you think it will work extra hard to help you make it and keep it?


Finding and clearing beliefs is what I love to facilitate.  It’s what I find brings about the fastest healing in someone’s life as it can put a stop to what would otherwise be an ‘automatic’ programming running without supervision (but how could you find and supervise something you don’t even know is there? 🙂

How to know when there’s Subconscious Resistance? 

If it keeps happening and you’ve made some definite pass at seeing it change (but it’s not changing) there’s a programming – some sort of belief or a set of beliefs that’s keeping that painful reality in place because it thinks it needs it that way for protection or for love.

How to go about finding it? 

That’s the whole purpose of my Awakening Freedom Mastermind – it takes time to find it and clear it but it can be done with persistent action.

Familiarize yourself with the process – it’s free to try it out at the Money Challenge manifest $1100 in 11 days.

If you enjoy it and want to try the Challenge your Mind to Heal Your Pain – that one focuses a lot more on hearing and clearing beliefs from mom and dad around the theme of money and self worth.

2017 Self Care Retreat

Here are the upcoming dates for when the planet Mercury will be Retrograding – so a perfect time to pre-schedule extra time to go inward and clear what you find.

  1. December 19, 2016 – January 8, 2017

  2. April 9 – May 3, 2017 

  3. August 12 – September 5, 2017 

  4. December 2 – 22, 2017 

I love planning my mini self care retreats around the retrogrades and my menstrual cycle so I know I have time to go feel what needs to be felt through during those times.

Over the years of this spiritual practice I have noticed whatever goal I then set, happens much faster. The air is cleared around it and there’s a lot less resistance.

So be sure to join the challenge(s) and check out the video I made about Connecting Vertically.

I’ll be seeing you!



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