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Every time I would see my garden in disarray I would feel down. So it never changed.


And when I did this exercise you're about to do with me, my friend came over while I was still recording it and started cutting and trimming my garden for me!!!


I had just done the exercise live and he showed up just when I had visualized and felt the new space already here. 

You all know manifesting works - but sometimes how to go about it can feel overwhelming.

I say start with the thing that lowers your vibe the most.

Start asking for that to change by simply visualizing the exact opposite already being here and LOVE the heck out of that instead.

It takes a bit of a leap to jump from one to the other and Anna can tell you I've been stretching her with taking lots of leaps :)

But since what we emotionally resist always persists...

We can use that to our advantage.

Since what we feel strong emotions towards grows, might as well go up vibrationally to a higher, happier vibe and feel happy thoughts there.

You can do this.

Feelings are energies and they can clear up.

You don't need to be afraid to feel - feeling is safe, feeling can be safe.

Calm beautiful intuition awaits you.
More beautiful thoughts await you.

So let's do some energy healing/clearing so you can see how fast your vibe and your thoughts can change.

The Workshop:

Want more support?

It would be my pleasure to have you live with us in our group so I can help you directly. We have weekly calls for the ladies in the group. We cover all self-healing tools for strong recurring emotions, manifesting and starting a career as a healer/intuitive guide. To join us 2x a week live, join the Bootcamp and you'll be in for 12 weeks of magic! 
Calls are Mondays and Fridays. 


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