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You wish an energy healer could come in (a really good one and a psychic one at that) and just pick you up and move you out of your most painful, recurring, sticky situation? 

That painful situation that leaves you tired, drained, worried as hell, negative and definitely not helping you use your powers to create in a positive way. 

You want more time, you want more space for you, for your heart to dream a new dream but you feel sucked in a million directions and you don't have time to nourish your business baby as much as you'd want. 

You need a very fast blueprint to reverse engineer where you are and where you want to be. 

Someone who can quickly read and pinpoint the blocks keeping you nice and cushiony in the space you are at. 

Someone who will tell you the truth and hand you the shortcut to finally make some real headways towards a better future, a better business, a more abundant easier business and life. 

Someone who could help you see where you're self-sabotaging in your health, money, and relationships - but especially where you're sabotaging in business and visibility? 

"You can fix even what someone might think is unfixable." 

Jaci, UK. 

Good, cuz I'm Your Freedom Party Hostess, 

Hi I'm Alixe K. also known as Danielle Dove, I've been helping women break through emotional barriers to freedom watching them become who they were meant to become, minus the imprint of their messy childhood, and minus the lies they believed about themselves.  

I watched them change their mind and heart about who they were and what they were capable of creating for themselves and their families. 

  1. Some have quit their corporate job with amazing unheard of bonuses,

  2. only to go on and finally do what they loved!

  3. Some got out of an expensive lease with no extra fuss to create a new life elsewhere,

  4. some got out of paying $15K in taxes and others finally reached six figures in their business paying off $90k in debt! 

  5. You name it, they got it. 

I showed them where to get the good stuff you know, the stuff that fuels hearts and dreams so they could stop looking for it inside the fridge in more food or in shopping bags or in even more soul-sucking work. I showed them how to manifest using their heart and manifest with ease. 

Some even manifested their non-cooperative ex-husband to pay up child support he owed.


Here's the thing about me... 

I'm someone who thinks everything is supposed to be easy 

because here's what I've learned in 11 years as an energy 'guru', 



alixe open arms couvent.png

how would you feel if your biggest worry could become a non-issue? 

What if your worry no longer took up so much space in your mind and heart? 

would you finally be able to be present with your kids?

feel like life was fun again? 

How would you feel on the other 

side of feeling not enough?

Too busy?

Too worried?

What kind of legacy would you leave your children? 
Would they see you as someone happier? Lighter? Freer?

Just as there can be blocks to money and ease, there can be blocks to freedom so, in six weeks, I'll show you the energy healing tricks and some self healing habits to make sure you keep shifting... 

Presence is your Power, 
if you got stuck in something painful, 
something's not right
whoever is driving your car 
got you lost
you're not supposed to be in pain
you're not supposed to be confused

Trust me please sister when I say, 

We are made to be loved, 

We are made to naturally gravitate towards ease, 

We are made to stop when we've had enough, 

There's an intelligence within you who is designed to help you 24/7, if you would allow it to help you. 

There's a trick to shifting and

cleaning up that energy field of ours

so you can align with your dreams and desires

so your thoughts and beliefs can match

the outcome you wish to have for yourself. 

In truth 

it' s a lot more mathematics than it is woo - woo. 

If your dream life is at station 200, then we need to make sure you're vibing at 200 or above. 

Simple right?

Via MP3s you can take with you anywhere, some videos to watch and our 6 Live Calls where I'll read your energy and help you shift, you'll learn in a safe container how to change your vibe, quickly. 

Here's what I'll cover over the 6 weeks of content and live calls: 

Self Heal

imagine a life where you are no longer emotionally bothered, stressed, or scared! Where you feel so comfortable being you! 100% YOU! And you have mastered the 5 Self Healing Habits that guarantee you keep making your life a sweeter and sweeter deal!

I'll show you how to let go and let in something so much more powerful that will help you change the very sticky recurring painful situation that hasn't been changing. 

Open UP To Receive Love

Feeling Unloved and Over Worked?

Me too. It happens to us all.


But as a single mom, I've had to know quickly where to find the good stuff to keep going being the sole bread winner and mama / papa to my boy. 

I'll help you remove blocks to receiving help from the divine, you may feel like you ask but don't always feel heard, or you hesitate to ask for help or wonder how to go about asking for help and actually use that help in your life and business. 

there's a confidence that comes over a woman when she feels loved. 

a loved woman is an empowered woman

and a woman who feels loved up by the divine, watch out!


You'll be slaying that negative naysayer for good. 

that nagging voice that tells you it's not gonna work for you anyway

what's the point

this is all a waste of time

Instead, you'll do the best version of you, the happiest version of you and lean back to let the universe come up with a way to surprise you. 

and it now can that you are more in alignment with what you've been asking for. 

Without that naysayer blocking the pathway, it's going to be easier to manifest.

Everything you'll learn will give you more emotional and eventually financial freedom. 

alixe blue dress cannes.jpg


You'll keep shifting away from the worry fest and ending that party for good.


You'll feel so much better over at the realm of faith and positivity that you won't feel like staying at the worry party anymore. You'll quickly learn to come up with a proactive plan and take action from a positive, loved up, I got this place. ​

How would it feel for your children if you stopped always worrying about them? 

And instead, offering them energy healing (they don't have to know)


How would your family benefit from you healing generations of hurt, fights, and trauma

right out of your cells and organs and of course your chakras?


How would it help your community for you to walk around emanating confidence, love and assurance instead of fear and would you please approve of me? vibe. 


  • You'll learn how I prepare before giving talks. 

  • How I program my days with a lot of LOLs and fun. 

  • How I use my heart to 'call-in' clients. 

  • How I program having amazing photoshoots (often they are free). 

  • How I program skiing 3 times a year in amazing locations. 

  • How I program sailing on the French Riviera 

  • How I program finding and attracting my gorgeous boyfriend / heart mate. 














A Focused, Uncluttered Heart

Always Manifests

cash, moolah, money finds you with ease when you get away from the icky party of feeling like you don't have enough to pay bills.  It finds you when you took your seat in the abundance party feeling and thinking I'm taken care of baby, there's always more money at the end of the month. 

> a client got a $50k consulting contract within weeks of signing up to clear with me!

money and clients find you when you are done feeling not good enough to be seen when you called your energy back from feeling unwanted at any time in your life. Opportunities find you when you already feel wanted, seen and worthy, (and when you're having fun and enjoying life! I'll show you how to attract your love language baby!) 

If our mindset determines our fate,
and our mindset is made up of images and emotions from our past, then let's get you a way out of there into freedom. 

I'm here to give you the energy healing tools,

I've given to all of my Awakening CEO clients

who used it to turn around their businesses

their lives

and to choose a different dream

to dream a different outcome into being


They used it to 
to stop feeling small, unwanted, unseen 
as a healer

as a business owner
an intuitive
a woman
a man

Seriously, if Oprah, Gandhi, MLK and so many others 
can be do what they've done

with what they had,
then surely you can 

& have
you wish 
to see
don't you think?



BONUS 2: Lifetime access to the FB group for support. A safe place to rework the tools and get help again. 


BONUS 3: Get a special coupon code to join Rich Healer Masterclass if you want to learn how to manifest clients and sell packages. (This Self Healing course is a pre-requisite)



After clearing a block with Alixe, within hours, I received calls and emails from clients asking to work with me right away. I ended up doubling my income that week. 

Joanna Ash, Singapore

Head of Brand and Corporate Communications

& Intuitive Consultant at 


From Depressed to Six Figures and more! 

Before working with Alixe K. Tracey, I was depressed and confused with my business. My finances were not great, nor was my confidence.  But, after working a year with Alixe, I now feel sassy, happy and a lot more confident. 

Alixe has helped me tremendously to see my ability to manifest, use my intuition as a guide and become a proud leader of my company. 

Our business profits have more than doubled in one year and we’ll double again in 2018. She helped me clear things when I couldn’t clear them myself and has taught me simple, 5min techniques to use in the shower, on the go, welcome abundance even more. I highly recommend Alixe if you want to become more in tune with the Universe, yourself and your powers.


Then: Not confident & scared 90% of the time

Now: Confident & having fun 90% of the time

Then: $40k 2016

Now: $100+ 2017

Then: Worked alone & didn’t believe I could afford assistants & other support

Now: Full-time team of 3, part-time team of 5 and about to hire another person 

Then: Confused & feeling as if I would never get out of my own rat wheel

Now: Confused sometimes but see that anything is possible and that I can change things with the Universe (and Alixe) 90% of the time

Then: Inconsistent business flow

Now: Consistent business flow


Anything I’ve paid Alixe, has come back to me many times over and often within days.

Jill Murwin, Parck City, UTAH 

"if you are not programming your coming days/weeks with what you want to be experiencing and feeling you'll just get more of what you're already feeling

"Best Decision I ever made"

I started working with Alixe K. Tracey last fall and had amazing results almost instantly. She pulled my blockages out at lightning speed, freeing my mind and body to open the business that was waiting just inside me. It was incredible to see it form without a ton of work on my part, it just became. Now my business keeps creating itself as I gain more and more clients. Working with Alixe was the best decision I ever made and I would recommend doing so to anyone who is ready to have a job that works for them doing something they absolutely love. 

Tamara Arnold,

Intuitive Coach &  Author

"Financial & Lifestyle Freedom" 

I have achieved the ultimate freedom working with Alixe K. Tracey. My husband and I are not committed to anyone or anything, we don't work for anyone else, we have no ties to anyone. We are traveling as a family of 4 to Australia from the UK - living our dream life. We are just completely free in every way. Our son is now homeschooled and doing much better than before. I have no fears of anything, anymore. Before the ideas weren't flowing and now they are.  


Laura Powner

Intuitive Healer & Coach

Used to be an Accountant :) 

Est. 2012 (5).png


If you are experiencing a dire financial or health situation seek appropriate professional help right away. If you suspect your child or yourself need mental professional help, please seek a medical professional. This course is for educational and entertainment purpose only.  While these testimonials are true stories and actual results, I cannot guarantee you will get similar results. However, I do go above and beyond to make sure you will make progress beyond your expectations. 

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