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Your freedom party package with DDove.

Goodbye, overwhelm. Hello, empowerment.

Having trouble focusing or concentrating? Lost your happiness? Feeling stuck, sad, depressed?

There is a way out. And it starts inside you.

Hi, I’m Danielle Dove and I know what it’s like to feel disconnected from your heart and your life. My divorce was painful, but it taught me about the power of internal transformation.

Feelings are energy. You can move through them and be happy again. I’ll show you how.

I know what you are capable of once you are free from:

  1. Draining emotions, often not even yours but those your clairsentience picked up from someone else, or from old events in your past

  2. Resistance to doing what you really want, what you feel called to do

  3. Energetic cords and the mental patterns and lack of approval creating those cords over and over again

For more than five years, I have helped people find their energetic blocks, remove them, clear the path to move ahead and plan a new life. Together we examine your old triggers, release your fears and create a blueprint for what’s next.

Whether it’s lack of intuition or feeling disconnected, I have solutions to help you in minutes.

Ask the hundreds of amazing souls who waited for up to two hours after my meditation classes in Las Vegas to receive a reading. Within minutes, they got huge clarity and answers to their questions.

Imagine what we can do in six 90-minute sessions.

Have you lost passion for what you do?

We can find the culprit and quickly give you back the love fuel your heart needs to feel whole again, so you can share from an overflowing cup.

I know what the emptiness feels like. It’s a black hole with quicksand pulling all of your manifestation magic out the window.

So how do we get out of the quicksand and feel whole, complete and ready to share our gifts with our community?

By letting go.

I can identify in minutes what we need to let go, deconstruct, release and go from there to rebuild and create with your new foundation.

I go in to identify where leaks and holes are in your foundation, be it your root chakra (flooring and roots), your crown chakra (root) or the heart.

I help you remove and dump the old material you no longer need.

And we rebuild a really strong core program from there that will help you for a lifetime.

 From emotional overwhelm and negativity to feeling freer than ever!

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What happens in our sessions:

Intention 1: I’ll use my clairvoyance and clairaudience to hold a counsel with you, your higher self, guides and angels to identify the source of major issues and blockages in your life and / or business.  Call is recorded and you’ll be given journal prompts to keep processing and accepting what we’ll be letting go.

Intention 2: Re-evaluate the foundation, what does your energy look like now? Did anything new come up? Any dreams, any messages? Here your diet could begin to change naturally, you might begin to desire lighter foods. We continue with letting go ceremony and complete demolition of old archaic programs from ancestors and other negative events still creating a wrong reality.  We’re creating a catalyst for change in this hour.

Intention 3: We keep processing your biggest triggers and flipping the switch so you can see the truth behind your hurt feelings and never need that experience ever again. Goodbye energetic karma. You’ll be given worksheets to keep writing in to process any other triggers and situations that resonates hostility and fear with in you and experience your truest nature: newborn love.

Intention 4: Breathe, we are closer to Self Knowledge. Now that you know the dark spots, you’ll know where you need to shine the light. When we try and do new age spiritual work at random and get too close to the light without a trained energy linguist to help you, guess what happens to your shadows? They get bigger.  Isn’t that what happens to anyone who gets too close to the light? Their shadows grow. Let’s not have that happen to you. Let’s shine the light where it is most needed and identifying your core programs, on so many levels: DNA, Core, History and Present time. Here we begin downloading new energetic programs from Source using the Law of Truth. So many children are wrongly programmed by watching television and making false assumptions from situations in their lives. Everyone needs this sort of re-programming to make sure they are seeing and creating a reality they actually deserve and are here to create.

Intention 5 + 6: Surprise finale:  This is where you’ll bring all of your dreams and experiences to the table and sit with your higher self, future self, angels and guides. We will re-create, based on the work we did and what you released, a new life plan – a blueprint for what you will do the next 12 to 36 months. Concrete. Clear. Detailed. You can adjust as you go along, but the fog in the forecast will be gone.

What you get:

  1. Six 90-minute sessions 1:1 with Danielle

  2. Worksheets to continue releasing your triggers

  3. Call recording of all our sessions together

  4. Access to a private Facebook community of like-minded people partying into freedom

How to get started?

1.Fill out this application to be invited into Danielle’s VIP Healing Flow Facebook Group where she’ll read your energy and answer any questions you have. 

2. If you are ready to get started now, you can book complimentary 1:1 reading over the phone with Danielle so she can dive into any recurring issue and give you some steps to turn it around. 

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