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Why your power is in the Now

There are moments of the day

really quiet moments

when all I feel

and all I hear is the soft sound of


when the mental chatter has halted and all there is is

the now

all that exists is this moment:

my breath

my feet

my hands

the sun

or the clouds

maybe the rain

but everything just is

nothing needs to be changed

nothing needs to be made perfect

it just all is perfect

and I am intrinsically linked

in this chain of events

leading to the now

and again

no matter where I go

I end up in the now

it’s a sweet place where all that echoes back to me





for in the now

not only am I forever taken care of

(really: materially, emotionally, physically, spiritually)

but the very source that takes care of me

is a self replenishing organism

designed to feed, nurture, shelter and love.

It can’t help but be those very elements and

in its generosity

it naturally receives back what it needs to

keep the flow moving.

the only way I can truly explain this experience is by what happened tonight

I was watching Hayden playing with an older child

he was rowdy

a bit aggresive

but Hayden enjoyed his games

so I let things be

Hayen and I talk all day

not through our mouths or words

we talk all day in the language of energy

we get each other on a very psychic level

We hadn’t bonded with this child on an energetic level

it was all mental noise and violent gestures

pushing and shoving


I kneeled down in the sand with them

and intuitively started clapping my hands and singing

alone in a park at sunset

I got them to get back into their hearts

with my hands and my voice

just channeling hums and ahhs into a beat

to get them both back into their heart

their being

the whole town grew quiet around us

the energy intensified as though a vacuum was created around us

Hayden and I invited our new friend into our energetic field

they played calmy and cooperatively

without any more violent shoving and pushing

they were into what they were doing




I went on clapping and humming

they went on building roads in the sand

pretending their hands were cars.

and in this moment I felt


divine presence

and generosity

all steam up from within my heart

and in an outpouring of love,


“it doesn’t take words to have peace

it just takes beingness”

If even one other person learned the language of energy with me

and how to maneuver it from the heart

the planet would awaken

to so much love

– energetic love –

love you can’t touch

but love that you feel so vibrantly in every cell of your body

there wouldn’t be a need for anything more than just a

few friends,


and two hands and a voice to hum




and feel like an infinitely abundance super being thriving in the language of energy

danielle dove and her son hayden
Danielle Dove

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