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Why meditation doesn’t work for you?

Meditation doesn’t work.


Have you ever wondered why meditation doesn’t always work?

I have too and this week I answer Joanna’s question:

How come when I meditate sometimes, I feel worse than when I started and I can’t seem to quiet my mind down?  I don’t have time and yet I feel so stressed out.  My job is demanding and I come home to more work, which leaves me with so little time to meditate.  What am I supposed to do?

Well I do have some good logical answers for you.

Just so everyone is on the same page, like Joanna, you have tried to meditate your way out of stress and anxiety only to find yourself sitting feeling even more stressed and fearful than you did minutes prior?

(Can you relate?)

So you tried focusing on your breath but got no where so perhaps got up and decided to clean your kitchen (again) and eat/drink something,  and remembered you forgot to feed the dogs…

Does it sound about right?

So I will tell you it has nothing to do with your level of experience or how many years, months or days you’ve been trying to gather up knowledge and experience of meditation.

Meditation is not about finding peace or quieting your mind.


It’s not???


Meditation is not about finding that ‘gap’ or all of a sudden landing in this white sandy beach feeling really serene.

One of the biggest misconception we have adopted in the West, is thinking meditation (ie: sitting in a comfortable position and relaxing, focusing on your breath…) is meant to give you peace of mind.

The truth is, unfortunately, as you may have experienced yourself, was it not pretty close to impossible to find peace by trying to quiet your mind?

Did you notice the more you tried to focus on not focusing on your thoughts, the more the negative thoughts grew and seemed to multiply?

“Darn it I forgot to  stop by the dry cleaners!” “Oh chucks where’s my to do list?” “Hang on peace, let me go find it… Where is it?” “phone rings… off you go to get dinner ready…”

Does that sound familiar?

It does to me since I have become a mom.

The truth is your mind is there to help you function.

Trying to meditate on your own without proper guidance or a mentor who can lift you on up higher than the vibratory frequency of your thoughts, is going to make it really hard to find inner peace.

I’d rather you put on a funny movie and laugh your head off for 2 hours then sit there feeling miserable and negative…getting no where.

Our inner peace is not as ‘organizable’ as our closets.

Can I go a bit deeper on what ‘vibratory frequency of your thoughts’ actually means?

I love this stuff.

I signed up to be an energy healer and a psychic and ‘reading energies’ is so incredibly amazing to me..

I think we try too hard – way too hard to reach perfection.

We have everything at our disposal here in the Western world. We have the internet, cell phones with a million apps, fancy cars, an abundance of food and yet we don’t always have our inner world in order.

Let’s face it… our inner peace is not as ‘organizable’ as our closets.

It’s not as friendly as the GPS lady giving you easy to follow directions on your your phone.

It’s a knotted freaking mess and meditation, we were told, could help.


It’s not that it can’t help.

It’s how we are choosing to meditate that can’t help.

Thoughts are energies.

They have the power to light up an entire city and even my beloved Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Yes – that is how powerful you truly are (and no you don’t need drugs to get you there, you are already there now), which is why you can’t get away from your thoughts because that’s how powerful and magnetic and attractive they are.

And they are so flipping smart, that they even have their own self regenerative energy field that has been sustaining itself in your mind for months and most likely…. years.

Like the most sustainable energy source on the planet, it runs on its very own source of energy. The more you think, the more it gives it energy to keep thinking.

If you ever had an electrical car, it charges as it runs.

Our mind is sort of like that.

So attempting to quiet your thoughts by using your mind is truly, completely counter-productive.

And focusing on your heart beat or your breath is a step in the right direction.

Only if your thoughts are as strong as a bathroom light.

If your thoughts are spinning at the rate of the Bellagio Fountain Show here in Las Vegas,

good luck thinking peace is going to come your way solo.

The truth is if your thoughts are powerful and are things, the power that can turn them all off is a much bigger switch, a much much much bigger switch and it can’t be within the same energy field.

It can’t come from you.

With practice, yes, eventually it could.

Not at first.

When you can separate yourself from your own thoughts and realize they are running and yet you are listening to them run – then you can start to make the choice not to listen to them.

And make the choice to focus consciously on something else.

Something that is just as powerful, just as real and just as available to you.

Something that will make you feel truly so safe, loved and in control that all the thoughts that are trying to help you be more safe, loved and in control could shut up.

Frankly, when you are loved happy and feeling safe,

The monkey mind is out of a job.

So what is this much much much bigger energy that has the potential, if you focus on it, to make you go free.


Isn’t that why you truly want to experience peace?

To have freedom from fear?


Debilitating emotions?

Isn’t it go free?

What if you made that your #1 priority?

Do you think that would throw a wrench in your mental computer?

Maybe even break it down and upgrade to a new one?


What if that’s what’s really been going on?

Alright I will stop monkeying around with you now.

Here’s a solution I have taught for several years that has worked for hundreds of people.





It’s not fancy or FDA Approved.

It’s not even listed anywhere near Hay House.

But it did make it to Barefoot Sanctuary, Ganesha Center, and in private living rooms of Paris and the South of France.

And thanks to the digital age, it’s also made its way to over 50 countries around the world.

It has made its way into the heart of hundreds of women, men and children who got to feel it.

Feel the bigness.

Feel the heaven in their heart.

Who got to experience the emptiness of living without worry and the complete peace of mind.

People who walked in not knowing what to expect, and ended up leaving transformed.

It’s not even religious.

It’s just magical.

It’s faith, willingness and a little bit of hope.

It’s angels, who have no egos, no worries and are an all loving energy.

They are your higher mind, your higher consciousness.

They are you.

The real you.

The one who was born in this perfect all smiling form and always knew all she ever needed truly, was love.

And love is exactly what you needed.

You were right.

Because love

is that switch.

It’s that much much much bigger switch that has the power to



I love you.

It’s OK.

I love you mind.

I love you fear.

I love you out of control feelings.

I love you

It’s OK.

I love you.

Here’s a hug.

Here’s my promise that I’ll always be there for you.

Here, come with me.

I’m going to hold you from now on.

You couldn’t count on them, I know…but you can count on me now.

You can.

I promise you.

What do you need?

Tell me. I can get it for you.

I can.

I love you.

I offer to you my unconditional love and acceptance.

I see you as perfect

because you are.

You were right all along.

Keep going for love.

I love you,


PS: I can pull down on  heaven’s skirt and bring it down to your heart.

Meditating with Angels and the Go Free: Chakra Bliss 30 Day Challenge is starting August 1 or anytime you can join in August.

You deserve to know clearly what’s in your subconscious and conscious mind because your thoughts are too powerful to keep running your life without supervision.

It’s a love fest.


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