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When healing feels good

When breathing in light quiets down my mind and opens up my heart to divine love, …healing feels good.

When practicing presence and stillness is more important than resisting when things don’t go my way, …healing feels good.

When the stress accumulates and being here and now is not where I want to be, but I stop to listen to the wisdom inside me, …healing feels good.

When my mind drowns me in thoughts to find the source of my abundance, I press play on a meditation track and swim back to shore, …healing feels good.

When my soul awakens to its magic and reminds me not to be attached to where my love and safety comes from, …healing feels good.

When I ask Spirit, what would you have me do today, where would you have me go and what would you have me say and to whom?, …healing feels good.

When it all works and real life blessings + abundance manifests, …healing feels good.

Tell me, when do healing feel good to you?   Tweet + FB with this tag and we’ll walk the journey together. #healingfeelsgood when…

I love playing with words. Replace the word {healing} by any of these actions and it still gives you truth + solutions + miracles.

letting go, breathing, meditating, accepting the now, gratitude list, practicing faith + positivity, praying, getting to know myself, journaling + sharing, walking in nature, laughing with friends, listening to spirit + angels.

What actions do you take to bring about {healing} in your life? Tweet + FB with this tag and we’ll walk the journey together. #healingfeelsgood

Healing was never supposed to hurt. What hurts is the resistance to healing. What hurts is the forgetting of your true self. What hurts is thinking other people are your source of love and abundance. What really hurts is living separate from source. What really really hurts is resistance to what is, Being scared that when you let go, you could get hurt, when in truth,

Letting go is the greatest ally to miracles.

I had to let go when I lost a 20 euro bill on Monday at the farmer’s market. It fell out of my pocket while I was distracted doing too many things at once. I took it as a sign someone else needed it more than me.

I let go even more and received an even better message: share your abundance with your world community.

Share and let the money flow.

So I started a Kiva Team: We Might Be small but We Matter and already friends have joined and when you join too, we both get $25 free credit to share with a farmer, a family, a mother who needs the loan to grow her dreams.

#goodkarma goes around.

Find a dreamer who needs a seed. Best way to shine brightly is to help someone else.

Thank you, Danielle.

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