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What is energy healing and why you can do it

Energy medicine is the future of medicine. – Doctor Oz. 

So what is energy healing?

I like practical comparisons that bring something intangible closer to something we all know and use every day: computers.

Energy healing is very much like the magical hands of a computer programmer who has the skill and knowledge to spot a computer virus and remove it properly to get our computer working again.

On the surface, the computer wasn’t working correctly and something was slowing it down. On the inside, the techie knew exactly where to go and what to do to clear up the bug.

Energy healing is very much the same thing.

Only instead of a computer techie, it’s an ‘energy healer / reiki master / theta healer / angel therapy practitioner, quantum healing touch therapist etc….’ who speaks the language of energy.

Intuitively, the healer uses her senses (be it clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance or clairaudience) to pin point where something is in disharmony with the system as a whole (looking at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual make up of one’s entire being).

It takes two

It takes two to heal.

The client in this example, had to be aware of something being off in the first place.

He or she already senses / felt or knew intuitively something was off in her chakras or belief system.

Which for anyone who doubts they can become healers or are the least bit intuitive – that alone ought to get you thinking.

Anyone who has ever gone to a healer to receive a healing, already knew, inside of themselves, there was something off.

It takes miracles to have that self-awareness since some ‘bugs’ inside our energy body (mental computer for example) can be so stubborn, some think there is nothing wrong with their belief system and keep doing the same thing over and over again with devastating results.

Some signs are more obvious than others:

Brain fog, depression, extreme fatigue, weight loss or gain, irritability, feeling stuck, unhappy, direction less…repetitive illnesses often lead a person to look at energy healing as a solution when all else has failed.

Just as you would bring your computer to a techie and not an osteopath, if you sense your soul, aura, chakra, or entire being needed healing, you would look for an energy healer.

When should you turn to energy healing?

It is very likely that soon, you will be able to intuitively know what is causing an ailment or a disease (very often a belief, fear or pattern in your consciousness) and will be able to resolve it fairly quickly, by changing your mind, release and forgiving the past.

Until you feel that intuition, you may have to simply try everything else and give up the conventional route if it isn’t helping you.

I have spoken to mothers of sensitive children whose very child had to be hospitalized and after weeks of tests, they could not find what was wrong with the child – but the child continued to suffer.

Within minutes of looking at their energies, it became evident to me the source of the issue was an energetic issue (as well as deeply emotional) and not a genetic dis-ease or organ failures.

In many cases if ‘nothing works’ the answer lies not in the external treatment that is very often our modern medicine but in the internal energies that need to get out and be released.

And very often there is a need for both surgery, modern medicine and energy healing.

If you or someone you know is in pain, your clear intuition is quickly replaced by a paralyzing fear and the moment you need to be the most focused is when it is the hardest to feel the truth.

Reaching out to intuitive energy healers ought to be a priority at that point to help you release the fear and pinpoint what exactly is happening with your friend or family member.

Where to find an intuitive healer:

I highly recommend prayer and meditation during which I would ask to be guided to the healer, book or technique you need at the moment.

One of the women who attended my Goddess Retreat in Hawaii found my retreat by simply going to google one day and typing in “Goddess Retreat Kona”. I had not advertised but simply had put together a sales/info page about the week long retreat.

There are so many techniques of healing out there and all work as long as you go to the one that has the healing technique you need for what you are going through at the moment.

Remember during your research to look for healers who feel they are living positive lives and are uplifting in nature.

Einstein stated, that every thing is energy (including financial, relationship or health problems) and you cannot change energy at the same level it was created.

Find your healing center

To clear old energies, it requires a higher vibration, something that can resolve the source of the issue, quickly and easily.

Here are a few words that best describe this ‘higher vibration’ I suspect all healers of all techniques access to do healings:

  1. lightstreams

  2. source

  3. angels

  4. ascended masters

  5. higher consciousness, divine consciousness, love, holy spirit,

  6. Purple Light, Christ consciousness….

  7. 7th Realm / Creator of All That Is…

While all of these are seemingly on the outside, as you progress towards self-realization and freedom, you will tap into these energies inside your own body (your chakra system for example has divine light already embedded within its very cellular structure).

Thus, ultimately, the healer is … you.

The ultimate healer is you:

Awakening and tapping into the vibration of love, God, Spirit, Peace inside of you by making the decision to go up and out of the issue and from that place release the lower frequency virus, beliefs, energy is your ultimate healing center.

It will ‘auto protect’ you throughout your life and all that happens during your beautiful journey.

Learning to become your very own intuitive healer and go free throughout your day, this very day, means you are making the decision to learn how to use your computer – your divine make up – your soul and its magical wand too manifest and create this very moment.

You become your own best healer and manifestor 24/7.

Energy healers are made not born

Just as a techie is not born a computer genius, he becomes one over time  –  energy healers aren’t always necessarily born healers either.

They all had a passion and spent enough time developing it and researching it that eventually knowledge and practice grew into expertise.

I know women like Doreen Virtue and other teachers of healing will agree with me that many talented healers they trained, were not even aware of their gifts a few years prior (I was one of them).

I have seen incredibly intuitive women and men in some of my workshops who 2 hours earlier did not know what a chakra was or had even held a deck of oracle cards – and yet – they were flowing with clear awareness and truths for their classmates.


All it takes is practice, devotion and commitment.

Personally, I wasn’t a born healer. I became an intuitive healer for it is in using the gift that I developed it.

Wherever you are on the journey towards self-realization and healing, know that every question is always answered and all heart felt intention always has all of heaven’s support to make it happen.



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