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What if fear was no longer getting in the way of your life purpose?

When I asked you to go after your life purpose and told you why it’s the only way to really feel safe,

or when I asked you to choose Plan A so paychecks from God could finally just come to you with ease,

I forgot….

I forgot how hard and scary it can be to take those steps on faith and intuition…only.

When fear can put such a strong break in our yearning for change and put a hold on our emotional momentum,

when fear is so deeply rooted in our DNA not to take risks, not to leave the statues quo, not to do anything





I forgot how hard it can be when our heart is calling for us to jump,

and our head is reasoning with us to stay put.

“A devil you know is better than a devil you don’t know”,

I once heard someone say.

Yeah, but when you know you’ve got the magical wand to create the best possible why stay where it doesn’t feel right, intuitively, in your gut?

What intuition?

When we are in fear, we are cut off from source and our truth.

It’s literally almost impossible to get an accurate reading on yourself with truthful answers when dealing with a particular situation that brings up fears.

I’d like to invite you to join me July 4th to look at those fears, and one by one or a whole bunch at a time, change them around.

Release them.

Be with them with a

higher power

something wiser,


more powerful than the fears

so they can be plugged off your beautiful garden of dreams

and we can together,

give more breathing room to your creative seeds

you have in your heart

already planted

already ready to spring forth.

It’s never too late

and no

you didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s just energy baby and energy I know how to move and transmute.

I can guide you to go from overwhelm paralysis to empowered gentle breezy fun magical actions.


 Free call for Friday July 4th at 8am PST / 11AM ESTto free you of as many fears as you feel ready to release.

To get the most out of this call, you’ll do some writing this week to identify your fears as specifically as possible.

To receive the invitation for the free call and the writing prompts, just click on this link here and sign up for the ezine or upgrade your info if you are already subscribed. And if you want to invite a friend, send them this link so they can register for the free event.

With more divine love than I can describe,



Ps: If you missed the ezine announcing the event, here it is.

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