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Want to receive messages during your meditations?

Have you ever tried to meditate and wondered if at some point you ought to ‘open up’ to receive messages, ideas, or visions?

Is meditation meant to quiet our mind and open up our heart or can we also use it to tap into our higher mind, guides and angels to communicate with them through our clairvoyance?

I view meditation as a time to be in a space of receiving.

If you have been praying and asking for help, remember to practice meditating with angels to receive valuable guidance in the form of visions, ideas or messages.

No matter where you are on your journey of meditation and spirituality, you all have a Third Eye Chakra and thus you can all be clairvoyant.

third eye everyone

I once was guided to go to a cafe during my meditation and ended up showing up only to find my friend Chef Mayra shooting her weekly TV show. She interviewed me about my angel practice and I got to meet some new people who came to many of my classes and workshops.

I wouldn’t have had the insight to do so unless I had taken the time to meditate that morning.

Meditation – because it is a form of letting go – can truly be a huge time saver.

Everyone has a 3rd eye – and thus you all can see with some training + clearing. Here’s one to get you started!

Click here if the video doesn’t load for you.

If you are interested in learning more about how I help my clients go free of overwhelm and move into their true empowered + intuitive selves, join my mailing list, send me an email or find me on facebook.

I would love to chat.

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