Using Focus to Manifest Positive Results

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

using focus

The power of our thoughts, vision, focus, & energy:

Before sitting down to write my weekly love letter I went for a walk, saw the most gorgeous views of Provence and feasted on figs and plums…

And then this article came up…

Here are my thoughts on the topic of feeling overwhelmed about a current situation and wishing you could change your reality (which requires a lot of empowered moves, some of which I bring to you below).

As you read this article, pick a situation in your life that make you feel a lot of stress and notice your thoughts about the situation.

We are ever either positive about a situation or pissed off (in either love and appreciation or regret, wishing we could change what is or was).

When you don’t think about the situation above, are you generally pretty upbeat and positive?

Would you say this experience / situation is showing you how easy it is to forget how powerful you truly are, how intuitive, magical and all manifesting – especially when faced with this difficult situation that shift you back to a foggy overwhelmed state?

You do have two brains:

One is so incredibly intuitive, all loving and knows exactly what to do and does it from the most all loving place…(that’s when everything is soooo easy).

And another part is definitely more the non-intuitive fearful brain, the one who remembers all ‘the stories’ of why you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t.

Which ‘brain’ (operating system) do you think the reality of positive dreamy outcomes  will come from?

Yeah, food for thought right?

I think we both know the ideal answer and actually here’s a story of how I recently had to use my focus to turn around what was a very fear based reality:

When I was recently faced with a situation that called for me to hold the highest level of positivity, I immediately chose love consciously. I knew in that moment only love would win and only good would come from it…

Long story short, my ex served me with a custody lawsuit back in August when I was still in Las Vegas to try to take Hayden full time – totally left field as we have been amazing co-parents – but gratefully it happened and I learned so much from it – but in the end, it all ended up graciously. 

The suit was dropped and I am legally able to live in France – my dream place – to raise my son.

For any one who has ever been ‘served’, I was able to turn the whole thing around with love and clear intention.

It was as though I was on a heightened state of consciousness with the ability to make choices – clear choices – to think about good positive outcomes – and clear out any negative thoughts.

I was definitely operating from an all loving positive place and the outcome was an incredibly beautiful dream come true.

My Buffet of Positive Ideas for Dreamy Outcomes

Here’s are the spiritual healing principles I did to help me stay in my heart to manifest the ideal – keep in mind love and positive energies always win in any sort of lawsuit/argument

It’s a buffet, take what you are hungry for, leave the rest for later.

  1. I processed the fear completely through to completion, loving all the lacking feelings that were hiding behind the fear. I partied my little heart into freedom using the same principles I teach to my private clients and on this blog. It was a true miracle to be able to stay feeling high and positive considering the situation.

  2. I stayed focused on positive thoughts and used the phrase: clear, cancel, delete anytime my mind tried to spit out negative thoughts.

  3. I avoided talking about the situation from a low/gossip vibration and only spoke of it surrounded by love and gratitude.

  4. I was convinced ‘it’ was happening to help me grow and go free, so I only felt grateful and positive about it. (I now have the most harmonious easy relationship with his father, better than before).

  5. I used my 3rd eye to visualize the most positive outcome: my son and I were flying back to France spending some time on French Beaches, enjoying the last few weeks of summer.  This image alone would get me so high and positive I would use it to release any lower vibrating fears or worries (it came true).

Hayden overlooking the ocean in Monaco
mom and hayden
  1. I read a lot about Archangels and Ascended Masters to keep surrounding myself by the highest light.

  2. I created a shield all around me that would reflect love out to anyone who came into our energies.

  3. And I shielded my son as much as possible from my own energy and cut my cords of fear to him.

  4. I continued to work with my life coach to break through any unconscious fears, using NLP and EFT.

  5. I played Meditating with Angels as often as I could, clearing my chakras and doing light work daily.

  6. I meditated to become aware of the energies I was still holding on to that needed to be released. I am a big advocate of meditating to receive white light and release the old… and consequently, peace and divine love flows in.

If you are interested in using one or all of these positive tips to change any fear based reality into a positive dreamy state, go for it.  Remember to give yourself time to master these.  Your spiritual gift is a muscle that needs to be used and trained. Over time your focus and powerful brain will process the negative out more easily than it will if you are just getting started.

It’s taken me almost a decade to get to a place where ‘being positive’ can be a choice now and I can get ‘off automatic’ (when the brain seems to go into negative land all on its own).

Maintenance Program for Beautiful Shifts

In contrast, a few key ‘trigger’s can and still do take me back to my more primitive fear based operating system. It is as though a computer virus takes me back to dial up connection…everything moves realllllly slowwwww (can you relate?).

Right now (September 2014), as I find myself back in France, readjusting to energies here, I will be honest with you: I haven’t felt as connected because I am facing the reality of ‘settling down’, getting a place of my own, with my child and growing some roots down into the earth (if you see what I mean).

It’s both exciting and scary.

The way I am dealing with the fear and the fog is to go really slow with my decisions, love everything that comes up, especially the fear (as what I love dissolves) and I go for a lot of walks.

I do my very best to set up a spiritual program in the morning as soon as I get up so I know what my day will look like (and my soul knows it will get some TLC), I pray from a place of gratitude that “it” is already done aligning my energy with the reality ‘I got it’ (…in this situation, that I am aligning beautifully with the highest and best, making clear decisions on what’s next for us here and how I can best be of service).

I remember to take a few minutes to interview my depression/feelings/sadness/whatever comes up for it is in going towards my feelings that they can heal + they always have some amazing piece of information I may have missed or been too down on myself to listen or hear.

Life unplugged, shifting, becoming.

We will see what the result is over the next few days and weeks (See October update below). Right now my heart still longs to live near water so we may venture towards the coast… I am focusing on having the clarity necessary to make decisions out of love and faith (always the best!).

What are your tips to manifest the ideal, make decisions, surmount emotional fear and difficulties?

I can’t wait to hear your wisdom and share more of mine along the way.

Wishing you plenty of walks, rest and rejuvenation this week-end. xo

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