Spirit Guide & Angel Connection Virtual Retreat

Spirit Guide and Angel Connection Virtual Retreat

Discover your psychic abilities

intuitive gifts

and guardian angels!

 Let me ask you…

Have you wished there was a superman out there (or superwoman) to take all of your problems away,

scoop you off your feet and align you with solutions beyond your wildest dreams?

Do you feel drained after a long day at work wishing you could change your life but never find enough time or energy to do?

Have you ever thought to ask your angels and guides for help?

Did you ever meet with them and released possible energy blockages?




Listen up my dearest earth angel, change maker and sensitive energy

power houses: #EnergyBabes and Beaus,

It’s time to roll up our sleeves, lean back and let things happen on their own by getting out of the way.

That’s right, you will have to roll up your sleeves as ‘letting go’ can be a bit of work.

Letting Go to Happiness

But the rewards are amazing.

One of my client once said:

Listening to your meditation is like spending an hour in heaven.

And another told me:

You are just like Doreen Virtue.

I was happily living a life I love in the South of France manifesting with ease when a phone call with Karina led me down a beautiful path:

Let’s offer a retreat together!

It’s happening and we can’t deny it anymore… activations will take place, transformations will occur and lives will be changed, including my own for anytime I open up to channel and teach this work, things move fast in my life.

So my energy babes and beaus, let’s bring heaven to you, all the answers you need now and a strong intuitive muscle you can use for a lifetime.


Each and everyone of you was born with a clear distinct path and you face many opportunities for growth on that path.

Which decisions will help you have the happiest life?

Angels are here to shift your energy to a higher frequency so you can clearly see where the decisions you make may lead to

– and are they authentic to your life purpose?

Manifesting sacred spaces

The retreat’s Earth Angels in Training One-Day Intensive will strengthen your intuitive clair so you can:

Tune in to the light stream so you can receive a healing and a clearing

Discover which of the 4 clairs resonate most with you, preceded by an introduction of each one of them.

Be able to call forth and communicate with one or more of the Archangels of the Light.

Find the cords draining you energetically & cut them responsibly in a way that works for you

Channel light for yourself and others for one beautiful way to heal yourself is to channel healing light for others.

And so many amazing life shifting bonuses you get to keep for life!

It’s time to dust off your wings, realize your sensitivity is a gift to us all on this planet and most importantly to yourself and your immediate family.

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Our main objective is to continue empowering sensitive earth angels with tools they start using today.

This retreat was created to unveil the angels among us. 


It is with enthusiasm that one creates the light to reveal one’s path.

What + How:

DAY 1 – Saturday March 22          9:00 AM PST – 4:00 PM PST

Connect with your spirit guides and open up to receive their guidance and unconditional love

Call #1: At 9:00 AM Pacific S.T., 12:00 PM Eastern S.T., 5:00pm Europe, 12:00 AM Aussie

We will meet on a 30 minute live call* where Karina will introduce you to the Day 1 journey, open + protect the space so you can safely begin connecting with your spirit guides.

Karina’s kit is honestly amazing, I (DDove) have used it and experienced tremendous peace + a very clear connection to my beloved guides and angels.

You have 3 hours to go over the first 3 meditations + videos of Karina’s kit during which you will be guided to receive messages

Make sure you have your notebooks and tape recorders ready.

During that time, I (DDove) will create a very special Transmuter around your homes taught to me by Doreen Virtue herself after I received my certification from her in our private chat group. She even placed one around my house in Las Vegas! 

Danielle Dove

Call #2: At 12:00 PM Pacific ST., 3:00 PM Eastern ST., 8:00pm Europe, 3:00 AM Aussie Time

We’ll meet for a 60 minute live call* where we’ll check in to see how the experience was for you, if you had any hiccups and what/if any caused them. We’ll keep creating light streams to make sure you are connecting to the highest and best. We’ll also prep you for part 2 of today: channeling for each other!

In our 15+ years of combined experience, everyone we have worked with was able to channel. Using our heart centered technique of allowing spirit to flow through will help you. The key is to get out of the way and allow it to happen, from your heart. You can do this and we’ll be there to guide you.

Call #3: At 3:00 PM Pacific ST., 6:00 PM Eastern ST., 11:00 PM Europe, 6:00 AM Aussie Time

YOU DID IT! During this 60 minute live call* we will share the experience, how it went and if you need our intuition looking at what happened… Remember we read energies in seconds so we can look deeply very quickly. And then to keep everyone safe, we wash you with the light stream and do a sacred closing ceremony for the group.

(*Another awesome bonus: You receive all the recordings of the calls as soon as they are over. So if you can’t make the call, you can still listen in after wards).

Meditating with angels

DAY 2 – Sunday March 23                9:00 AM PST – 4 PM PST

Earth Angels in Training One Day Intensive with Danielle Dove

Call #1: At 9:00 AM Pacific S.T., 12:00 PM Eastern S.T., 5:00pm Europe, 12:00 AM Aussie

Get ready to receive a clearing in the light stream with the Archangels of the Light

Know your intuitive gifts more intimately using activating chakra clearing techniques

Discover why your clairs (Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance) make you a sensitive power house that can channel healing light for others, give readings fast and know exactly how to conduct a healing from beginning to end. All the wisdom is in you energy babes + beaus!

Start surfing through Part 1 of Earth Angels in Training, created to activate your light suit .

Earth Angels in Training live retreat

Call #2: At 12:00 PM Pacific ST., 3:00 PM Eastern ST., 8:00pm Europe, 3:00 AM Aussie Time

60 minutes to meditate with angels and activate your healing hands. If you have a partner at home doing the course with you, you can practice reading cords and energy clusters on them….or learn with us how to do it from afar.  

Distance healings are just as easy and effective as if you were in person. The key is to know energy travels by the speed of light so it truly does not matter if you are together or not. the angels will show you, using the clair that’s most open for you, to guide you along the way.