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Solutions for a Stress-Free Back to School

stress free back to school

September is upon us and for many it can mean a very long ‘catch up list’ and a heavy work load.

Before you hit the ground running with a massive to do list, let’s take 3 seconds to set a magical intention for this back to school season.

You may have multiple calendars dealing with car rides, kids, work events and it is all going to be overwhelming really soon.

There’s a power you can tap into a few minutes in the morning to help you get all the green lights, so you get where you need to go with extra time, calm and happiness.

Set a Simple Intention

Simply put, you get to decide what kind of day, week and month you are going to have.

Crazy right?

You do get to decide and focus on what you do want.

When you set your intention to have a ‘relaxing’ month, a month all about ‘love’ or ‘adventure’, a week or a day that’s ‘easy’ you call forward into your life the vibratory frequency of that word.

It’s powerful and really simple.

Make a firm decision this week you will (insert your intention).

You can write it down, paint it, save it, post it, sing it, be it.

You can even forget about it.

That’s how powerful 3 seconds can be.

When you put your intention at the top of your to do list, you create time and space.

You create opportunities to feed your soul.

Put your Needs First

Imagine a to do list where your name and your needs go on top of the list?

You don’t have time, I know.

But the weird truth about how energies and manifesting work, when you decide to put your name at the top of your list, you tell the universe,

hey listen up, I need more peace, fun and a deeply rejuvenating lifestyle.

When you decide to take the time to nourish your spirit first, and discover what your needs are, you create more time.

Doing any of the steps below may only take 5 – 15 minutes and it’s really not that long at all.

Do you find sometimes that to get started on a task would just take too long, so you don’t get started at all?

And did you ever push through and did it and realized, this wasn’t such a big deal?

Any self-help spiritual work from meditating to journaling, walking, reading, being doesn’t take time away.

It creates green lights.

Just one recent example (and I am sure you have a ton to share with me too), last week, I experienced 13 green lights in a row in Henderson last week on Eastern Av by setting  (and following through) a simple intention: naming my happiness for that day.

Name your Happiness

We all know more money, more stuff, more work doesn’t make us any happier. What makes us happier is getting to know ourselves better, diving into our soul’s purpose and taking action to live out that calling (research shows people who have purpose and meaning in their lives are happier & healthier). But how often do we put on our name on top of the list to make sure we feel emotionally and spiritually balanced – and heard – first by our own selves – before we set out into the world to give and give some more?

I know we can do it all.

We have been multi-tasking and rushing to get the kids to school, work, keep the house tidy and be a good friend to our friends and family only to collapse on the coach in front of the TV and numb out.

You don’t have to be that strong anymore or deplete yourself in the process.

Thinking you need more coffee and sugar, anything to get through just another day.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Put your name on top.

Do it Now

You could right now, grab your calendar for the month or week ahead and just intuit what each week’s intention or theme is going to be for you.

When you are ready to name your happiness for that day, week or month try getting away from boring, shoulds or have tos.

My simple intention for this week is ‘To Love’ so that if anything comes up, my priority is to ask myself: how can I be all loving and accept what is showing up in my reality right now?”

Another week my intention might be different.

It could be to play, to accept, to listen, to love (again)…

Action Steps:

  1. In the comment below, let us know your your top 3 intentions you would like to experience as a reality. And let

  2. Then let us know what you think are your biggest challenges to putting them on top of your list?

Wishing you the miracles of intention,


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