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shamanic healing: the journey back to self.

In the small French village where I live, there’s a cute shop that sells hats. It’s got all kinds of warm fuzzy comfortable hats and the shop is called Top Hat. The woman who owns that store is a kind old soul in her 60s with a smile that makes you feel at home with her.

Backtrack to a few moon cycles ago. I felt distant from the wise women I have known before. On a soul level I remember being surrounded by connected, patient, all knowing, women, who knew about the rites of passages, all the different phases of the moon and were full of ancient secrets.

Sometimes there’s that longing in my heart to find them again. To be in their presence to feel safe and to release a bit more of my wild indigo energy who is such a driven leader at times. I wanted to be led by someone else for a change.

A woman who can look deep into your soul and without judgment just welcome you into a safe place to heal. A place with a warm fire place. Cushions all around. Gentle music, soft tea, candles everywhere and a shamanic altar honoring all directions. A woman who is an artist, connected to her divine mother and in a vibration of generosity. A woman who has a soft gentle nature and yet when needed can command spirits to come in, dance, sing and be a creative force/

A woman who holds a sacred gathering monthly in her sacred place to welcome and honor the sacred feminine, the goddesses, and the moon.

You know the woman who lives in the forest surrounded by fairies, trees and spirit animals.

Yeah that woman.

I found her.

This week when it was Imbolc Day. When it was a full moon. When it was Worldwide Womb Blessing Day. When my friend (whom I love going on spiritual adventures with) invited me over to a shamanic event. When my man was kind enough to stay home with my son.

I got to experience a full moon meditation, call in the goddesses, receive  messages from the other side and blend in unison with thousands of women around the world who were also healing and celebrating their womb: their unique feminine powers.

I saw past lives I had with my current beloved. I looked into my future and saw my children. I felt the tree of life spring from my sacral chakra into my heart. I opened up to receive the full moon through my crown chakra. I laid in the arms of the most benevolent nurturing energy and my every cell basked in what I can only refer to as ‘magical energy’.

We honored and prayed to the Goddesses of the North: Brigit and the goddess of the South: Yemanja We called on Kali. We honored Demeter and her abundant harvests.

In honoring their powers we can’t help but feel our own powers. As women. As mothers. As co-creators of life. As courageous passionate souls. Intuitive. Giving. Generous.

In praying to and honoring the Great Mother I was taken back to my mother’s womb to relive my own birth.  Seeing and feeling my matrix in her womb and the birthing of my body into the arms of my father.

Reliving the past to love the parts that felt harsh or unkind. Reliving it surrounded by the breath and the drums of a wise shaman the midwife to my spirit.

And so I have found the woman. I have found her.

After more warmth and healing we stepped outside. It had snowed covering the hills with a thick blanket of white. I ran happily into it, celebrating every flake (and screaming out of joy). I thanked the spirit of the forest, but it was us the Great Mother wanted to thank: she was thanking us for remembering and honoring and believing in our powers.



When we surrounded France with while light, I traveled my energy down to bring about a clearing over Africa, releasing old karmic energies from its land, people and places.

There is but one wish I have in my heart and that wish is to have + give the gift of peace.

May it continue… and may, you, my beloved sister, find your source of peace, too.


Danielle Dove.

Fountain Provence


….and so if one day you happen to be in Forcalquier and you walk into the hat shop, ask the woman there with that bright twinkle in her eye, if she happens to know a shaman who can bring about a healing to her womb, her heart, her whole spirit… she might just be able to help you find her too. xoxo

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