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Root Chakra Energy Sessions

I am offering HEALING DOVE THERAPY™ for Root Chakra Clearing to Heal Money and Survival Issues,  during which I use my psychic clairs to identify one or more of the following:

  1. any major blocks to abundance from your inner wounded child, past life or current beliefs,

  2. any cords draining your bank account

  3. any fears around receiving freely from life

  4. any relationships stuck underneath your chakra, blocking the flow of giving and receiving

  5. Identify at least 100 limiting beliefs about money and change them

  6. Identifying if you are doing the work of your life purpose

  7. In the  3 months coaching below, we can go further into how to shift your life so you begin to have financial abundance living and working your life purpose as I have done living mine.

  8. To change your wealth and money consciousness once and for all and eliminate over 100 limiting beliefs around money these private sessions are only available if you sign up for a minimum of 4 coaching sessions.

  9. Sessions are recorded and download links emailed to you

  10. Valued at $1,333 for all 4 sessions.

  11. You price this service using your intuition

  12. See this video to help you.

  13. book your appointment

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