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Paychecks from God


Women (and men) are being called to reclaim their magical abilities.

Pushed to let go of the safety net and become more self-reliant.

Old pillars of support are falling apart (divorce rate, job loss).

Our economy is being restructured:

What can we truly rely on when life shifts so drastically?

Our faith + internal guidance system.

You were born with the intuition and magic to live out Plan A in perfect order.

The universe is helping you ditch the safety net of Plan B so you can tap into your magic and live out your life’s dream instead.

Let’s reprogram your beliefs around money, abundance and flow magically into the dream we’ve all been waiting to see you birth.


1. The Abundance Book by J.R. Price: This book is a life shifter and always works. Don’t just read it. Listen to the Cd’s meditation for that day for 40 days (or more) each morning and your mind will begin to know and recognize the true source of abundance.

2. Quiet by Susan Cain: I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to ditch plan b and go all the way for their dreams. There lies a power within us #quiet #introvert that can help you have all of your needs wherever life you choose. By Susan Cain

3. Meditating with Angels (click to preview): clear your crown chakra and reclaim your energy as well as re-activate your intuition.

Also available on Amazon:

4. The Trilogy of Queen Guinevere: For those who wonder how I did my ‘un-official’ research on Paganism pre-christianity and the coming of the ‘cross’, these books are truly magical and Guinevere is a Heavenly Goddess who continues to help all women with big earthly missions. I wrote about my experience with her in the Living Goddess Guide and Living Journal for the Goddess Retreat in Hawaii 2012. The ebook will available for the public at some point in the near future (all in divine timing 🙂

Danielle Dove

PS: You can now take the Self-Reliance Workshop at Happy Soul School

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