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Oracle Card Reading from the amazing Doreen Virtue

Hi Energy Babes,

Are you as glad as I am our soul decided to come down on this beautiful planet at the same time as Doreen Virtue was here to give us guidance?

She is such the power house and knows how to make room for the angels to create through her.

I have learned so much from her and the angels who have been by my side ever since I started working with her in 2005. 

When I became a teacher, intuitive and author myself, I wrongly thought I didn’t need readings or healings anymore.

Often lightworkers and indigos who have access to so much wisdom don’t think they need to receive it from others.

I would say that’s true in some cases – so we stay true to what we are receiving ourselves – but in others, it’s time to allow ourselves to receive and be the student once again.

So Energy Babes, let’s mingle around our living room, watch the awesome Doreen Virtue and chit chat about how this resonates with us at the beginning middle or end of the week.

I’ll share the exercises or comments I learned from angels over the years that has worked for me and my clients.

I’ve posted my comment below, and you can do the same on Facebook. 

It’s Monday and I already feel very sensitive…as a 5 year old, just like Doreen Virtue mentioned. Things people said to me today and other situations that normally have a mild impact on me, all of a sudden feel much more urgent.

Yet the way that I have learned to be with my feelings and moments of sharper sensitivity is to  really sit with my inner child and communicate with her for all genuine communication heals.

Feel free to do this with me and help raise the frequency of the planet for peace on earth and success in your life.

Ask her

  1. How old are you?

Notice where she is… in time past… and if you can go to her.

Comfort her with truth and wisdom, that we did grow up out of that phase,

that now things are different, and put things back in perspective for her.

The issue with children is they are simply confused and if they see two parents fighting, they feel insecure. If there’s a move they think they’ll loose all their toys and friends.

Talk to her gently and lovingly.

Yes you will feel a bit weird talking to a younger version of yourself as the adult but give it a try, you’ve got nothing to loose.

It works 99.9% of the time.

End your time together with one last question:

What do you need today?

Wait for the answer…

It always surprises me.

One time she told me she wanted to go to France for the summer.

It was in 2013 and I made it happen. My life shifted for the better ever since.

Still, remember you are the adult and if your inner child’s request doesn’t agree with you 100% do your best to navigate it as well as you would with a 5 year old.

Respectfully and remembering all genuine communication heals.

Did you try this exercise? Share your wisdom with us. Leave a comment by sharing it on FB adding @DanielleDove so we can all participate and learn from Doreen’s reading.

Peace and happy week to you.


Danielle Dove.

PS: I learned this inner child exercise from Amanda Moxley, an awesome business coach and ‘Louise Hay Era Sister’ ;0)

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