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My #2 Tool for a Beautiful + Smooth Mercury Retrograde

My #2 Tool for a smooth + beautiful retrograde

In my #1 Tool for a Beautiful + Smooth Mercury I guided you through a meditation with the angels. Many of you have written back letting me know it has been so helpful.

This week, I created a podcast from my beautiful place in Paradise Provence to guide you through the #2 tool.

Press play and comeback for more tips below.

My #2 Tool for a Beautiful + Smooth Mercury

Use your hands:









Journal Prompts

In your journal, feel free to let the pen glide on the paper as you sip a warm herbal tea and let the sun shine on you to discuss with God/Creator/Source

your life,

your dreams,

your hopes

your official complaints

your gratitudes

& angel blessings

Sprinkle as many questions as you need, don’t be surprised if the answers come immediately, just take notes, Source might be answering them.

Have fun!

Write to your heart’s content.

Source energy hears you completely.

Mercury Retrograde

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