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Mercury Retrograde the Intuitive Way

Hello Gorgeous Intuitive Souls!!

How are you liking your Mercury Retrograde so far? 😉

It’s Mercury Retrograde! Could you tell already? I did. I don’t let them slide: those precious super duper important moments when your brain is hitch hiking a ride on top of Mercury and asking you: Do you remember this person? Do you still need to disapprove of what happened? Huh? What? It totally caught me by surprise! I woke up with tears flowing down my face in deep grieving for a lost friendship. I hadn’t thought of this person in YEARS! I sort of felt guilty about it. I always felt like I had screwed up our friendship. HUM Mercury is reminding me of those days I wish I could forget. Wait a Minute! I did forget about them! Why are you bringing them back UP? ARGH!

Ok Mercury. Since my emotional body and brain cells decided to hitch a ride on your planet and retrograde with you, I am all ears. Let’s look through the old stuff. Let’s decide what to keep and what to dump.

We’ll start with Beliefs…Then move on to Space Clearing and Mind DeCluttering. I spent every free moment I had this week  in past life regression mode, deep meditation and complete surrender to the present moment. When Mercury retrogrades it’s time to slow down and just be.

I reclaimed pieces of my soul from the friendship, I reached out, I apologized. It felt incredibly healing.

Here’s a friendly reminder to help you during the retrograde:

  1. It might wake you up every night at the same time. It’s doing so to help you release old stuff. Solution? Put on a meditation CD no matter the time and let it drift you off to sleep. I tend to listen to Meditating with Angels as it always helps me clear my chakras and sleep better. When I wake up on a particular chakra clearing track, I know that chakra really needed the clearing.

  2. Mercury might cause computers to slow down. Pay attention to your work habits. Are you doing too much right now?  Could you delegate and decrease your workload (remember Creator is the source of all abundance, not your paycheck, job, spouse or boss 😉

  3. This month is a great time to start a new fun hobby. Something you’ve been wanting to do for a while. If you show Mercury you are willing to go back, play silly, spend time in inner child mode and enjoy life, the retrograde month will be much smoother.

To help you with meditation + intuition this month, I made 2 videos (available on YouTube), one discussing tools to meditate (great to implement during retrograde) and one to train yourself to tell the difference between hearing guidance from a guide / angel or your own mind.

If you are looking for answers, trying to have children, meet your twin flame, relocate, it’s always best to tune inwards and upwards for answers.  The mind will try to figure it out. Let it go. If it had the answer, it wouldn’t take that long to give it to you.

I’ve learned to send all questions upwards to God and Angels.  In 2009 when I found myself in London on 11/11/09 arriving at 11 am staying at aparment 11, I had to ask ‘What am I doing here?” The baby voices answered, loud and clear: “You told us to go find our father.” Ah yes. I had. As my beautiful son Hayden is about to turn one, I share with you the true story of how I became a mother using my intuition. Click on link to read the story:

To your intuitive life!

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