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Mercury Heart Chakra Clearing!

Mercury Retrograde

Special heart healing bundle

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and the biggest planet for healing the past is retrograding right now – sooooo do you know what that means?

Time to stay in bed,

hit play on the meditation tracks and just trust the angels have your back.

1. Valentine’s Day Special: Law of Attraction Twin Flame Love Ecourse


Discover how the law of attraction can work in your favor when it comes to manifesting relationships.

Imagine attracting joyful happy positive relationships into your life!

Working with Angels raises your frequency and helps you heal the past.

Click here to read more & Sign up:

arms open danielle dove freedom package

VIP Bonus: Distance healing + reading of your energy with the angels of the light.

The angels have been coming back into my life on a more consistent and regular basis these days to begin activating, training and allowing more healers to be to train and open up to receive greater intuitive abilities.  If you are feeling especially ‘hit’ by this retrograde, you may have a lot to clear this time around and perhaps don’t feel equipped to do it on your own.

I can help you release the energy with the loving guidance and assistance of the Archangels I work with.


We will hold several LIVE group calls to generate energy to free up and release the old during the retrograde (don’t worry the phone lines should work just fine 🙂

They will be Q&A calls, with meditations, lots of healing and a bit of Freedom Partying to boost your energy levels.

They will start the week of January 26th 2015 – February 28th.  Once you sign up I will send you a survey to fill out your timezone and best time to schedule the calls.

If you cannot attend the calls, I can still look at your energy and answer your questions.

As a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, psychic, medium and energy healer I can read energies within seconds and pin point the source of the issue(s).

Danielle Dove Goddess Retreat Hawaii

Sign up by Wednesday January 28 2015 to be the first ones to help me pick the time and date of the calls!

First come first serve 🙂

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