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Meaningful Connections with Divine Source, Nature + Friends

This picture sums it up:

  1. Meaningful Connection to Divine Source? Check.

  2. To Friends ? Check

  3. To Nature? Definitely Check.

This is me swigging on a slope in the mountains of Big Sur when I was into raw vegan food and meditations over looking the Pacific Ocean.

Gradually I channeled the 5 Steps to a Happy Soul … I experienced them. I lived through them.

Lately, I am experiencing the 5th Step to a Happy Soul is about picking up the phone and calling friends or new soul sisters I just met to have a real conversation about a real topic with which I or they need help.

It’s about joining groups in person or online (such as the Happy Soul eSchool, teeheee) and forming groups in which you can truly, really commune with in meaningful ways.

And nature? She’s our sustenance, our inspiration for creativity, nature is our playground.

Divine Source? It’s our source of energy, clarity and focus and in the Happy Soul eSchool the meditations you will receive guarantees that almost everyone will feel and experience divine source in some minor or huge way.

Practicing the 5th step to a Happy Soul will be that much easier once the school opens up its magical doors in divine timing.

Want to start practicing today? Yeahhhhh.

I am raising money for the school. Come play with us and let us sparkle love and light into your magical life:

You can also find me + other healing doves at

Group hug!

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