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Manifest Sacred Spaces

Happy Soul eSchool

My Dearest already perfect as you are friend and soul-mates on this planet,

First of all I so love you all and miss you.

I am in French back country and not everyone here recognizes my wings or theirs but

it’s cool

we’re all getting along and creating magic in every moment.

That leaves me with way more creative juice to give, share, inspire an educate to improve your life.

What is education if not to improve your life with a boat load of wisdom, creativity and divine inspiration?

My dream of all dreams is to have a school that teaches children (of all ages) their true creative powers.

Creative powers (in my world) =

  1. Ability to manifest from faithful thoughts deliberately, replacing the fearful ones (yes all thoughts are creative)

  2. Ability to have all of our needs met by simply intending on them being met.

  3. Developing and using the creative power within ourselves to love all and create peace within and around our world.

  4. + Have a bunch of really happy kids who just adore each other without bullying, guns or video games.


This dream school of mine is becoming a weebit reality in the virtual world but oh so realistic in my world and yours.

Angels are real, peeps.

Very real.

So are other creatures which we won’t name but you feel when you walk into certain lower frequency environments.

Thus our first course for the Happy Soul eSchool will be

MANIFESTING a Sacred Space at home

with an add on ‘at work’ for those of you brave souls volunteering your light in a corporate / traditional environment.

I so feel for you.

Help is on its way.

it will all be much easier.

I know I might be bragging saying this but…you could be one class away from seriously improving your life.


If you put the work into it and

do it like you mean it.

Even if you’ve hit bottom with life

it’s all uphill from here on out.

I love you lots more than you can imagine and it’s all going to be much much much better oh so soon.


We are here for you,

Danielle Dove.

PS: How do you sign up? Yeah that part about money and stuff…yes I know it’s all coming soon… the link to paypal and all. Just know if you are supposed to be there (albeit virtually cuz I am not gonna make you come to Provence, #Unlessyouwanto), all things will align in your life (and mine *****hello single mommyhood*****).

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