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Love + Armor: Book Review a la Dove

I don’t read books cover to cover. I don’t read books when I buy them. I read books when it’s in perfect alignment with my journey. The right book will light up in my mind’s eye and feel warm to the touch when it’s time to journey through its stories. Both of the books I share with you today have crossed my life over 12 moons ago. Only this month was the right time for me to hear and understand their wisdom. It’s a great way to approach reading if you are a busy mama dove such as myself. Don’t beat yourself up for not finishing a book either. It’s about the journey and what you get out of it. Breathing through the task and accepting what was completed that day.

With that said darling doves, I am oh so delighted to share a bit of what I have been reading lately. It has dusted off my wings, giving me a refresher on life, removing the armor of perfection and learning the love language of my son.

The first book I have to mention is….

The 5 Love Languages of Chidlren

When I was in bed with a sore throat for 3 days last week the little book shined bright and light asking me to pick it up. Already then, let’s learn and read about L.O.V.E. It is so delicious and gorgeous.

It not only gave me the insight into my husband and son’s love languages, but also my very own. I am a sucker for positive affirmation. Oh my, if I give myself words of praise and I love yous in the mirror….I am all set to conquer the world.

Would you expect anything less from the woman who brought you Faith + Positivity as the 3rd Step to a Happy Soul? 😉

Here’s one of my all time favorite affirmation from Louise Hay’s gem You Can Heal You Life:

I love you. You are wonderfuly. All that you need to know is revealed to you. All that you need comes to you. All is well"

Other love “languages” could be

  1. quality time,

  2. gifts,

  3. acts of service, or

  4. physical touch.

The authors explain it’s important to speak all the love languages. Yet if our partners or parents did not speak the love language we needed to fill up our well, we ran on empty and did not feel loved, no matter what they may have done.

I heard the author speak on a radio show one evening when Hayden needed some entertaining in the car. He shared the story of an inmate: he finally realized his mother did love him by her acts of service. It wasn’t his primary love language yet he finally saw her love.  It was a huge awakening for him.

I saw my relationship with my darling hubby improve as well when I started speaking his language a bit more (touch + words of affirmation).  I learned it by trial and error. It’s usually the thing that gets Dan + Hayden to be able to relax, soften, and feel loved. Truly it’s all about the energy. If we channel our love in the language that another child or partner can understand, they feel safe and loved. Youpie for the whole family 🙂

There are also stories of children’s lives transformed from acting out and protesting parental guidance, to coming around and doing better at school only once their inner well of love is filled up by their love language….and who doesn’t love some positive stories during your summer vaca?

Incredibly uplifting stories. A must read.


Another earth shattering “oh-my-Goddess-I-can’t-believe-I-am reading-this-book-rightnow!” is by my dear friend Jada Fire, Relinquishing the Armor.

When I jumped up and down at the Ganesha Center to ‘win’ Jada’s book a few weeks ago I had no idea it would be filled with so much of her own wisdom and experiences and be such a catalyst for change in my life.

What was I thinking? I should learn my lessons. Underestimating Jada I have done far too often. After all she is the sparkling light I met on earth day in 2009 who planted the seed for Meditating with Angels. Years later, I am still here offering the class and it snowballed into more miracles.

Spending an hour with her can mean serious transformation. I remember running into her spontaneously a few moons ago, dancing with her belly to belly as her husband was spinning fire nearby at First Friday. I felt an explosion of energy in my sacral chakra. It was the last activation I needed before baby arrived. I was pregnant a few shot weeks later. Hello mama fire energy!

Her book and her story is filled with her mysteriously sexy, enchanting, healing magic.

Whether she is taking us through a wild live drumming dance at Barefoot or in the middle of a dry bed lake… Whether we journey with her through her adventures in Australia among a wild bush fire, Or atop a trapeze in Costa Rica and later in search of a medicine man to mend her wounds, She is continually channeling this sparkling healing transforming powerful fire energy in everything she says, paints and teaches.

For every fire must there also be water? When I met Jada she was going back to using her birth name Jaime. We both laughed at the time for I had first introduced myself as Victoire…and later had to confirm I was changing my name to Danielle Dove.

She was in the process of relinquishing the armor of Jada Fire. I was in the process of learning how to use my own to do the lightwork in Las Vegas

I laid in bed one afternoon with the book. Breathing. Thinking, “I have an armor to relinquish as well”.

The ever so protective armor of ‘perfection’. It’s not unique to me. I know many of us have it. It was true for both my growing up years as Victoire and later as the spiritual channel Danielle Dove.

It always has the same tempo: If do it perfectly, then somehow it elevates me from the rest of human drama, violence and all that brings me fear.

It’s a lie that can isolate me and stops me from trying to take the next steps unless it can be perfect right away, which is clearly insane.

Or what about thinking the __________(relationship/baby/home/job/life), has to be perfect today otherwise it will never be perfect?

The armor can really get in the way of my creativity and of listening to higher wisdom and inner guidance.

I decided to relinquish, release and experience life with a little more mistakes, honesty and gentleness with myself and others.

I sit at a park bench watching Hayden play and just sit. I enjoy the birds, the wind brushing through the trees and I don’t think about all the things I need to get moving so they can be more perfect.

The moment is already perfect. The neighborhood is already beautiful. I enjoy and feel the moment fully.

I am not perfect, far from it, but I can make perfect decisions in the moment for that very moment.

And right now, it’s sharing this book with you and the gift that is Jada Fire,

It’s also inviting Jada to write a guest blog for this darling ezine this summer…

Allow me to close our sacred gathering with a poem…

A breath carries itself through me as me with me and as I exhale I share a bit more about myself my transformation and my awakening.

I hope to live in the light of Truth and share what I discover with families and moms for they are the conduit to our children and our children are oh so needing love care and attention just as we all are since we were all born to families who at times did not have the chance to relinquish their armor and learn our love language.

Namaste dear friends.

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