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Living Life Moment by Moment (Angel Message Included)

Ding Dong Beautiful Soul!

Yes! You are beautiful amidst the turmoil of holiday shopping,  sweaty armpits and un-shaved body parts.

You Can Do it!

Do you know that from the viewpoint of angels you really are perfect whole and complete? And maybe some days (hum every day?) you have the myopic vision of your life as being less than perfect (hum hum). Yet Angels keep whispering kind words, dropping feathers on your path and showing you the way to truth, love and abundance.

Here’s what they wanted me to share with you tonight after I cuddled my beautiful babe and laid him down to sleep.

Do you know there was a time in my life when I gave up everything. The closet full of nice Diesel Jeans, high heel shoes, brand new car with leather seats and Bluetooth everything, all of it. It grossed me out. I recognized the hand of perpetual desire and lust behind every piece of clothing, behind every acting gig. I had to get out. So I did what I knew at the time. Meditate and listen to guidance. It told me to sell, give away, let go. In a big major way.

I got a pretty bike for the price of a monthly car payment and a bus pass and I was that girl who would work up a muscle every time she had to place her bike in front of the bus, on and off.  Yeah that was me with a bright red helmet I often just kept on even while walking through stores. I had to learn to keep my pretty dresses from getting stuck on the back wheel. I had to adjust.  But do you know that I was happier on a bus then I was in a car?

I kept listening to the guidance and never looked back.  Little by little everything has been given back to me FOR FREE. The clothes, the car, everything just handed to me. I didn’t have to get it all on my own. I didn’t have to be alone making the money and buying all the clothes.

John Randolph Price was one of my beloved guides at the time.  He says in his Abundance Book that when we move up to the higher road then everything is given back to us. God gives us everything and heals everything.

And so I lived most of my days asking during meditation,

Beingness What would you have me do? Where would you have me go?

I asked and waited to be revealed where I needed to go and what I needed to do.

I have lived my life this way for the better part of the past six years.  Often I would see during my meditation the storefront of a restaurant and feel a burning desire to go.  I would arrive with a key person waiting there to help me move my ideas or business to the next level.  Often it would be in the moment, ‘talk to this person’ my inner nudge would ask me.  I would feel courage take over me and gently, lovingly, allow whatever needed to unfold. Conversations and friendships formed. Or I would be told to go to the bookstore and rummage through books and read random passages.  Never doing it to get to the end of the book, no, just to be guided.

These experiences I had on those days were so beautiful for they told me: hey if I don’t try and figure out what I am supposed to do and where I am supposed to be, then I can live out of my mind and in my heart (woohoo).

And so tonight as I placed my son in his crib after breastfeeding him, I didn’t know what I ought to do. I thought, well I will just see. I know that the next moment will be revealed to me once I am fully in this moment.

And so I thought, wouldn’t be nice if I could encapsulate this love I feel tonight and send it via email to 200, 500, 1000 people? And what if they received it and it made their lives lighter better more sparkly?

And so here’s my good old wise council for joyful living:

  1. Step Uno Presto: Decide which block of time you can splurge all on yourself to have a day of guidance, moment by moment!

Today? Tomorrow? This week-end? Next month? Block out 4 hours/6 hours/ or a whole day where you are just going to be guided moment by moment. Yeah Fun! Treat it like a ginormous gift to yourself! A day sort of like going to Disneyland only you’re spending it with your guides and angels and whatever awesome surprises they have for you!

  1. Step Two: Decide on that day that you have plenty of cash to get yourself what it is you are guided to get… it’s a day free of ‘worry’, free of ‘i can’t’s  You are taken care of – do not worry.

  2. Step 3: On the day of, re-read this ding dong letter ringabell email so you can remind yourself what the heck you’re doing it for 🙂 Fun!

  3. Step 4: Breathe, meditate, for as long as it takes until you see, hear, know what makes your heart sing.  Be careful, it may come in the form of a sudden urge to go somewhere, call someone… that’s how intuition comes at times, as an urge to do, go, or take some form of action that SOUNDS OH SO FUN.

Hey maybe it’s going to be to go sit on Santa’s lap and take a picture! (your inner child will pay you back dividends in laughter for months to come!). Maybe it’s going to a shelter and holding a pet for an hour, A day of fun could be sitting around Borders or local librairy and randomly reading magazines or books. Maybe it’s a day where you go take that dance class you’ve been waiting to take.

  1. Step 5: remember why you are doing it! No Reason At All but to learn and practice how to live moment by moment.

Eckhart Tolle became a multi-millionaire by writing a book called The Power of Now. The book has been published for over a decade.  Let’s discover the Power of Now and see what it can do for you!

Some places you might be guided to go here in Las Vegas (some fun ideas! Take what you like, dump the rest)., Ganesha Center, Chaiya Monatery, Goddess Temple, Yogananda Temples, Enchanted Forest, Librairies, Art Classes, Dance Classes, Raw Restaurants, Give Free Hugs, Barefoot Sanctuary in Whole Foods, Red Rock Drum Circle, Mt Charleston (Fairies!) Europe ? LA? Whatever you are guided to do it’s because you are needed there and taken care of!.

I used to put all the things I would have loved to do on tiny pieces of paper, put them in my black top hat and pick one! Whatever came out I would go do… movies, bowling, yoga class…whatever!

Are you ready to trust the present moment to give yourself a present?

I love you dear ones. Keep those peaceful seeds spreading Share and enrich other’s lives.


PS: My next meditation at Ganesha Center is on 12/21/2012 at 6:30pm and at 12:21pm PST via Teleconference. More info at

It will be with Mother Earth / Fairies to heal Root Chakra and so much more in preparation for your Ascension Process 🙂

Have you had a chance to pick up the 20 minute letting go meditation and spiritual riches worksheet?  It’s z perfect meditation when family comes over and you feel all of those old insecurities and doubt bubble up. You’re gonna want it on your MP3 player. More info at bottom of page here:

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